Monday, July 23, 2007

The Past in the Future

Kabbalah says the beginning is in the end; all things connected, so it is with truth.

As ageing civilizations of the world grow wiser they begin to recognize 'truth'. In time we will all come to know that assumed axioms, like the example from the introduction to this blog; the Earth rotates around the Sun are an oversimplification, an inaccurate summary, perhaps even the promotion of ignorance.

The creation of the Universe and the significance of life on our planet are not just some impossible combination, chance events of random science, after all how would even that chance come into existence? Rather, we must surely be the center of a deeply conceived and unified System of Greater Wisdom that rules over all. Interstellar planetary discoveries will come and go. We will continue to find the big and the small, the super hot and cold, but we will never discover another planet like Earth located in the unimaginable balance, established in a galaxy, in a solar system that provides the perfected environment for an abundance of life and living.

On the contrary, let me propose; as man discovers more, the reverse will occur, we will see the hostility of space well beyond our solar system, we will discover the miraculous, but volatile sub atomic building blocks of nature and through these windows we will progressively realize that Earth is the center of the universe, the Sabbath that was intended in the advent of His creation.

Kabbalah, which extrapolates 'mans creation in the image of G-d' talks of 'man' as a vessel to receive. In the sense in which all of 'man' could operate as if it were One Soul, One Mind and One Body, each knowing their respective place, each with a role, each making a contribution to the greater Unity. In this sense Judaism, governed by its Greater Wisdom would represent the head, Christianity governed by Kindness the right arm, Islam governed by its emotive Strength the left arm with the balance of the worlds religious orders making the functional body of Supernal Man. In this analogy all people functioning as One Soul could only ever emerge if each recognized and submitted to the vision of man in the image of G-d, an image greater than any individual or society could conjecture or conceive.

Enhanced sensitivity and awareness in all respects is called for! An awareness that arrives at a deeper more meaningful path, one that inspires, motivates and directs people to see deeper, act deeper and think deeper to become more intelligent about existence, each a transcendent soul. Armed with this greater knowledge, we could work together, play together, create together, live together, care together and think together in ways that are far more intelligent than man has ever been able to apply in the past. With new knowledge we could shift from the savages of our dog eat dog material world to a world facilitated by once unbelievable technologies, but founded in their spiritual purpose. A world, which begins to support a more closely integrated global society, which focuses less on physical growth and more on spiritual growth, primarily through the qualities imbued by each person reaching for their higher holy state in the presence of The Maker.

Truth and holiness are the cornerstones of societies that will progressively see the world for what it is. Identifying the superfluous lies and rhetoric that underlie insecurities will pave the way for improved logic in the choices that societies make. As the masses discover their collective power and begin to protect their rights to discover truth, more balanced societies and improvement to life will cause global economics to yield to the demands of that truth. Taking all factors into consideration the worlds active minds will be increasingly applied to causes of righteousness and holiness because incentive systems will begin shifting back to values of old where holy people with knowledge, wisdom and powers of perception were recognized for their abilities and rapidly sought by the mainstream. These mentors of society will electronically connect, prioritizing, assisting people with real needs, people who wish to complete themselves in ways that make them happier, more productive and satisfied through there own confidence, self worth and discovery of purpose. Then, the world will begin to change in ways that bring revelations to all people, miracles that we cannot perceive or conceive.

It all starts and ends in the beginning[1], in the creation of G-d’s perfect world, the one He positioned in the center of His universe, the one around which the aggregate of all galaxies and star systems rotate. The one for which He created man in perfect knowledge, after which came the events of the forbidden tree of Knowledge and for almost 6000 years we have been on a track to restore that moment in time, to restore intellectual man in the image of G-d.

There is a known inner meaning of the unique day on the Hebrew Calendar, 15-Menachem-Av, on which the verse from The Book of Job speaks with regard to the redemption and the world to come, ["He will put an end to and terminate all darkness," “לחשך שם קץ= 888 = "I am G-d without ever changing" “שניתי לא י׳ה׳ו׳ה אני”] = [(24 (all the possible combinations of the 4-letter explicit name) x 37 (Yechidah, unique-essence, יחידה and our highest soul state)].

Iggeret HaKodesh, middle of Epistle 20 – 8 Tishrei – Pg 400

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Temple

Prophesy about the end of days, the times of the Messiah, has stated that the third and final temple will be built in Jerusalem on the exact site at which Isaac was circumcised by Abraham. The Zohar states the land on which the temple will be built will not be re-occupied by a building until the earth is ready to receive this meaningful building. In the chronology of events and prophecy of Torah approaching the Hebrew year 6000 is the Messianic era, being the eve of the Sabbath millennium (the 7000th years). The time is approaching when religious cultures of the world, particularly Christianity and Islam, will recognize and support revealed truth. This is the line of truth that George Bush 'stumbled' upon and against which radical Islam is currently fighting.

Continuing revelations that modify societal perspectives make it difficult to disregard the heightened importance of the Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge revealed through deep devotion and study by Jews and righteous non-Jews of Torah and its prevailing logic. By continuous delving into the deepest source of the Hebrew Torah texts (not the confusing translations or derivatives which have lost touch with the truth by virtue of language disconnect), man will be guided to a better world and through the popular emergence of Kabbalah and the mystical science of Torah all cultures and civilizations will benefit.

Regardless, there remains no apparent reason to reject the wisdom of any peaceful teachings especially those of the world’s oldest and most recognized religious cultures. The prevailing logic amongst the major religions of our world must find, through their teachings, a support for co-existence with those that believe in the greater unity of one G-d along with those that embrace and promote humility. Further and on the basis that we all have something significant to loose, there is no logical reason to reject the established views of each of these doctrines to discover, debate, adopt and embrace the prophecies that are said to bring about the redemption of man. Every person on earth is, by default, a beneficiary of this Temple the pinnacle holy event of humanity. Only thoughts that emanate from the side of Severity empower the reverse logic.

When the land at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was occupied by Arabs in the late part of the first millennium after the beginning of the Common Era, the struggle by Jews to occupy even a small part of this holy space became the prime focus of anti-Jewish activity for a thousand years. In 1948 and finally in 1967 the Jews after a 2000 years struggle re-gained access to this holiest of sites. In the past 40 years it has become increasingly evident that the world, albeit tenuously, intends to support Israel's right to occupy its holy land. This will become increasingly entrenched in decades to come, but only if civilizations recognize the importance of a unique Jewish culture who, throughout history, have shown their capacity to act and who do act as the barometer of human consciousness through the precepts of Torah that are engrained into their genetic psyche. However, most Jews in the world will first face their own serious challenges as they struggle to accept and find language to reveal Torah's inner logic.

Each day there is a line in prayer that says;

“…break the yolk of nations from our neck and speedily lead us upright to our land”

As the holy people of Israel are progressively recognized for the value they bring to the world, so people will realize that the alternative national holy systems and icons and the political regimes that once were established to challenge and dismantle Judaism no longer embody the same anger and jealousy that helped power those vessels in the first instance. We are coming to the realization that we are indeed one world, one people who believe in one G-d, all seeking a common goal, to bring ourselves closer to a life that is aligned with G-d's greater System, to restore the world to the Garden of Eden that it once was. Only then will we all begin to understand that our ways must lead us to find a change for the better. A change that causes our thinking to converge, a change enabling people to become settled with their roles in the Greater Scheme of G-d’s Plan and a change that recognizes the importance of the holy people of Israel who are ultimately charged with a very significant responsibility to lead the world on its march to its higher state of holiness.

During this the last few hundred years before the coming of the Messiah, the time we are all now living, it is known there will be a period of great Supernal Light when pure knowledge, devoid of distortion is accessible to all and exponentially abundant, where the falsehoods of the past are corrected and our lives improved, where the known truth begins to move toward its position in the centre. During a time like this perhaps some can see how a very different positive world can rapidly evolve.

As technology is rapidly shifting the balance to empower ‘us’ of the mainstream populations of the world, we can demand that which we collectively believe realizing that G-d’s Greater System of Holiness can be revealed on earth in ways that are simply profound and to most people, unbelievable. Clearly the future remains to be seen, but we can and do achieve miracles at a faster rate today than we have ever been able to in the past. We are smarter and wiser. As long as we remain G-d’s children, as long as we continue to honor Him and all He stands for and as long as we converge our thinking to fully respect and discover the plan that G-d intended for us, perhaps then we will envisage a future that is filled with enormous promise and hope.

After receiving the 10 Commandments at Mount Sinai Israel were commanded by G-d to build a temple, the place in which the world could be united with the heavens above, a temple that could travel with them during their time in the desert. Known as the Mishkan, Betzalel was selected by G-d who commanded that Moses appoint him to build the Mishkan. The specific reason Betzalel was chosen can be seen when we peer deeply into the meaning of his name;

The relationship between the names of Adam and Betzalel are alluded to in the first verse of the Torah (Genesis 1:27) where G-d creates man in His own image. The values in the names of Adam and Betzalel highlight many esoteric secrets that allude to the relationship of their souls including the equivalence of their normative (inner) and ordinal (outer) values as well as the relationships to 'good' 'life'. In each of these names the smaller values of the ordinal and normative letters = 9. Nine is the known eternal number.

From this and many other sources we see that Betzalel was able to see and know as much as Adam was able to feel and be and it is for this reason that G-d specifically chose Betzalel requiring his soul to be in the midst of the nation of Israel at the time the Mishkan was to be built. When one takes a closer look at the enormously intricate detail of the Mishkan’s design and construction one is able to glimpse the soulful objectives, which this temple embodied through the craftsmanship of Betzalel. The Mishkan was founded in the mystical logic of Kabbalah and brought down to form the blueprint for the construction of the first and second temples almost 1000 and 1500 years later.

The actions of man have brought us all to a confused state, but one which will be rectified by our actions. Take a look at what Rabbi David Aaron has to say on to catch just a small glimpse of how we remain limited by our self perceptions and characterizations of that which we have simply learned to refer to as G-d.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


The words of Torah were dictated to Moses and gifted to the nation of Israel in the desert at Mt. Sinai. They contain the seeds for teachings which are uncannily wise. From them, we derive wisdom's using meanings obtained through the multi-dimensional holy Hebrew language as well as references from the oral Torah established through experiences of the Jewish Nation.

Law originates from Torah, philosophy, science and medicine are based on its teachings, mathematics comes from the core of its numeric construct, but most of all, Torah explicitly tells us how we can be better people. It is the most widely documented system for the teaching of moral values and of all things spiritual. There are literally tens of thousands of books devoted to it expounding and articulating its inner meanings.

The U.S. Congress officially recognized Torah's universally accepted Noahide Laws in legislation passed by both houses. The President of the United States, George Bush Snr., indicated in Public Law 102-14, of the 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah. They went further stating that these Laws have been the bedrock of society since the dawn of civilization. They acknowledged that the Seven Laws of Noah are the foundation upon which civilization stands and that weakening of these principles threatened the very fabric of society. Educating the Citizens of the United States of America and future generations therefore became a priority for which Public Law designated March 26 as Education Day, U.S.A.

The Noahide Laws are specifically stated in the Torah as being those that apply to all people who are not members of the nation of Israel. They are a well known precepts that outline judicial guidance for ordered law abiding communities. These laws have been expounded upon by students of the bible and developed through analysis to the effect that the 7 laws of Noah are in fact the main branches of a significant branching tree of prohibitions which ultimately became the laws of modern societies. The main branches of the tree are;

- Idolatry is forbidden. Man is commanded to believe in the One G-d alone and worship Him only.

- Incestuous and adulterous relations are forbidden. Humans are beyond simplified objects of sexual desire and baseless submission to sexual desire does not benefit humanity.

- Murder is forbidden. The life of a human being, formed in G-d's image, is sacred.

- Using the Name of G-d in vain is forbidden. Honor and respect G-d's Names and know from this precept that our speech must be sanctified, as it is the distinctive sign that separates man from beast.

- Theft is forbidden. The world and its possessions are not ours to do with as we please.

- Eating the flesh of a living animal is forbidden. Be sensitive and respectful of all animals.

- Man is commanded to establish courts of justice and a just social order to enforce the first six laws and enact other laws or customs.

Though the Noahide laws have progressively developed into the laws governing non-Jewish societies, Israel's laws were specified in detail at the time Torah was granted. 613 positive and negative commandments and 7 Noahide laws or the 7 laws of Israel’s sages make 620 commandments in total. The details contained in the 248 positive commandments and 365 negative prohibitions of Israel's Torah law automatically formed the basis for a society which would be ordered by its commitment to holiness and complete regard and submission to one G-d.

The principles in Torah provided guidance to early societies. Today, those same modernized societies have abandoned their recognition and knowledge of Israel’s principal purpose, inherent in its' Torah laws ,whilst they pursue a track that ignores the past iterations of their societal development. Even secular laws of Israel that are meant to reflect the origin of Torah law fail to do so. Israel's multi-cultural society continues to adopt secular laws that water down the underlying higher purpose of Torah's more caring and purposeful focus intended to defend humanities heart and soul epi-center. Israel’s political regime ought to recognize more fervently the role the 620 commandments have played in the developing consciousness of humanity, because they are not disposable items, in them is a continual source of higher guidance of significant benefit to the world's modern legal doctrines.

Jews, the world over, who intensely study Torah continue to reveal aspects of and provide guidance from these commandments so that their meanings ultimately find their way into the precedents of the law courts every day. The role of Jews in this respect is akin to that of a feeder system where new understandings are bubbling to the surface all of the time, where discussions and revelations point the world toward a higher level of consciousness so that legal and moral environments become more humane and more representative of the world that was intended by G-d.

Through the common laws of society, the Noahide laws and the 620 commandments we must bring our societies closer to focus on self rectification and repair. Our world must recognize its faults and responsibility to turn out better people through improved integration of holy laws and precepts that are integrated into political regimes. Look a little deeper, with an open mind to learning, then perhaps we will all discover that the laws of the Torah are based on enormously deep precepts that are continuously being studied and expressed.

The extrapolation of Torah's 620 commandments lead to new understandings that will continue to turn the world right side up pointing it toward a more humane and adjusted path, a unification of divergent views, a path to peace and blessings, which is Israel's purpose in the world.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Soul Searching

Spend more time contemplating the makeup of your soul or meditating frequently, then you will be better prepared to deflect the noise of your life, to reach into your deeper intellect and higher soulful state. This process is akin to a slow unraveling of an onion’s layers, but in this case each is a layer of 'noise' that distracts and prevents you (the average person) from connecting with your inner 'self'. People who are able to invoke a meditative process through truthful prayer begin a journey to cleanse and remove the layers that surround their soul. This is applicable to everyone regardless of how well connected to G-d you may be, regardless of how holy you feel, how rich your are or how important you are, when this process is conducted thoroughly it will reveal weakness surrounding every soul, weakness that needs to be contemplated in order to remove layers and find ones true sense and true purpose on earth and to be strengthened on the journey. ‘Soul searching’ is a well known phrase, but soul searching armed with an understanding of the soul’s construct and ways to reach deeper, is a very different process, which can lead to a continuously productive and very healthy outcome for all.

Without you making this connection there can be no resolution and cleansing of the impurities that are attached to the soul, there can be no recognition of the issues that cause the decay, the decline or the walk down the slippery path on which man traverses life on this planet. Fundamentally a world, which devoted more of its time to self discovery, is a wiser world for sure, but there are dangers lurking in dead end and blunt solutions that mask themselves to be the solutions we seek. Lifestyle, living and well being occupy more and more of our collective time these days, but too often people compromise and follow systems that are flawed or do not carry with them the capacity to set vast societies of large numbers of people on a credible path that is imbued with the eternal wisdom necessary to answer every question and solve so many of the daunting issues we face.

The path forward to a perfectly defined system of the soul is already in existence. It is so deep and perplexing that it’s compelling enough to retain the interests of the most advanced minds ever. Man has already worked out how to analyze the minds of people, we already know how to identify compatibility, we know how to spot dangers, but we don’t apply these thoughts and we don’t seek to create a society that benefits from this perfected logic. A strange, but compelling contradiction!

The world is filled with great souls, holy people that play second fiddle in the orchestras of society, people who make their life in the study of holiness, in teaching righteousness and rightfulness, people who dig very deep into the ancient wisdom's of minds that are mostly ignored because we are all too busy with our material world to pay attention. These people are the fabric of our society the defenders of the truth, the balanced minds that bring a sense of equilibrium to attitudes and positions of good and evil, these are the people that guide us, that we identify with because they are special, yet lurking, intermixed with these holy souls are those that profess the qualities of holiness, but themselves are incomplete. If we fail to identify the right people to advise us and to connect with, we may just continue to support a self inflicted spiral toward hopelessness. Modern fundamentalism bordering terrorism is an obvious trait housed within religious groups who appear to be holy in their construct. Even though these people have chosen a path of holiness and may identify with holy people, their ways and their causes are not holy at all they are often the evil souls that know no good.

Holiness has a specific and very particular meaning associated with words like purity, G-dliness, righteousness, sanctity, saintliness, devoutness and devotion. Mostly it can only be associated with those people who have truly sacrificed themselves to the benefit of other people and to those who seek cleansing and completeness of their own souls before seeking ways to correct others.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


To achieve anything in life one must become dedicated to achieving it. Only an investment of time, focus and action will produce desired results. When Israel emerged from their captivity in ancient Egypt after a 210 year exile they were a loosely assembled nation in a state that was about to undergo a massive spiritual metamorphosis.

As Moses led Israel out of Egypt in this great exodus, of more than 2 million people, those that followed were overwhelmed, confused, bewildered and uncertain of the future that lay before them, yet they followed because they believed that some greater force was directing the masses. This time, which is frequently mentioned in Torah is constantly referenced in Jewish prayers and rituals, it is a time during which these people simultaneously elevated themselves to the highest most intense points of holiness as the spiritual worlds descended, greatly affecting the way they thought and acted.

During the 49 days from the time they left Egypt to the day they received the Torah, the soul of every person was exposed to this most intense spiritual experience. The events leading to their departure, the pursuit by Pharaoh in the desert, the parting of the Sea and the revelation at Mt. Sinai are the significant high points during which overwhelming and massive feelings of righteousness and holiness rapidly ascended in the minds and the bodies of each person living through the experience. The souls of all those people were intensely affected as they were freed from their consciousness by these special energies and emotions.

They were immediately restored their once heightened state igniting within them the desire to return to the practice of prayer and meditation that had been obscured from them during their lifetimes in captivity. Thereafter, the establishment of the priesthood and the sanctuary (Mishkan) in the desert served to direct the actions and practices of Israelites enabling them to attain and maintain these heightened states of holiness in the presence of G-d.

In the midst of their experience after crossing the sea, but before receiving the Torah, the people refused to succumb to the higher experience of their soul state, instead they questioned Moses leadership and G-d’s reasons for their lack of water. G-d commanded and Moses decreed that anyone over the age of 20 (the age of permanence when the soul manifests in the body) were never to enter the Holy Land and Israel was banished to a 40 year period of spiritual cleansing in the desert. This became the nations preparation for their entry to a land in which their entire purpose was to be directed to the establishment of a permanent dwelling place for G-d.

After receiving the Ten Commandments and Torah, the entire community turned their attention to connect with their higher soul state. Those banished to remain in the desert, particularly men, would spend most of their days in deep states of prayer and meditation. Their food was basic, their bodily excretions were almost non-existent, consuming exactly what their bodies required and their mental and physical states were completely integrated and directed to remaining in the highest spiritual order.

Those who were 20 or older knew they were going to die in the desert and they eventually submitted entirely to this will of G-d, because the nation of Israel could not go into the holy land until the generation (above 20) that fled Egypt had passed on.

At nightfall many who meditated from sunrise to well beyond sunset would position themselves in holes they had dug in the sand in preparation for the event that in their highest states their souls would pass to the higher worlds. Many people died in this dedicated way because it had become their objective to reach and retain such intense spiritual states so that their generation would essentially pass to the highest worlds that had enveloped them in the desert.

This intensely holy period of history established the origins of Judaism and of all religions and spiritual doctrines which followed, to varying degrees, the dedication to the holy practices and principles of monotheism that emerged amongst cultures from the time of Abraham and continuing through the time of Moses.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Getting There

Each of our souls is sourced from the One Soul which is the Light of the Essence of G-d.

Each one of us is capable of making change in our lives, but when confronted with issues that we don’t understand or don’t wish to understand, change often becomes daunting, scary and most times undesirable. Problems in ones life are at times suppressed because they are too hard to deal with. Jealousy, pain, drugs, marriage, divorce, kids, suicide, depression, education, career, peer groups, misbehavior, all types of disease, drinking and a myriad of other cultural sub-cluster issues impact on our ability to come up for a breath of clean air. The minute we do we are overwhelmed by the requirements of the material world in which most of us live our complex lives.

So have we forgotten our purpose?

Are we simply a victim of our own desires?

Has the noise of desire become too loud?

Can we turn back the clock?

Do we need to turn back the clock?

Where do we get Help!

In fact the answers are very easy, they are staring us in the face, they are with us every minute of every day, but we are blind to them.

Our soul is our purpose!

Our soul is the guiding light that empowers us!

Our soul is the energy that G-d has given us!

Our soul is the navigation device of life!

Your soul, if treated with deep regard, appreciation and a conscious sense of responsibility toward it, will benefit society by your special care of it. If we treat the soul as the separate entity that it is, then we may be able to re-build the necessary bridges to restore it to the forefront of our conscious minds, to the place that G-d intended for it when He created Adam in His image.

If we developed the conscious capacity to distinguish our physical presence, from the presence of the entity, the spiritual soul, we will improve our understanding and awareness of the things we do each day that distort our ability to be guided by our soul. With improved awareness of the soul we would naturally shift our perspective on life away from the issues that we perceive to be important to us, toward those that are actually important, but to which we pay lip service because of 'noise'.

The soul is our navigation device through which our consciousness is connected to G-d's higher worlds. If we build the capabilities required to listen carefully to what 'it' is telling us, we will be better off for it. Our free will is able to work with or against the pure inclination of the soul. Until and unless we listen to our soul we remain ineffective in the eyes of G-d! We may eventually arrive, by brute force, at the place our conscious minds want us to go, but we risk a danger of distortion, going beyond the point of no return where societies of souls can no longer be redeemed because our self inflicted actions do not serve the inner purpose each and everyone of us possess.

Learning how to listen to our soul is a skill that we once possessed and can re-establish or re-develop, but for now most of have lost the ability to connect with it. Perhaps we don’t have to discover how to listen to our soul in order to improve our lives, perhaps things are simpler and easier than all that, perhaps G-d, in His Absolute Wisdom already considered this point in the evolution of man. By recognizing the soul as the separate entity it is, by sub-consciously perceiving its' presence, its' connection to G-d and by consciously recognizing that it works in a defined way we will realize that it needs to be nurtured. Then for the sake of all souls and for the sake of man and G-d in the great struggle between evil and good, embracing and making a place for the soul in our conscious thought would enable us to reconnect with our individual purpose to make the world a better place for all.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Every day millions of Jews around the world follow rituals considered strange by most people, but a closer look reveals practices that are aligned with the souls’ purpose spoken of earlier and practiced by people who cherish their religious and spiritual connection with G-d.

Ritual states of purity and holiness are actively sought by Jews each day. The deepest of these pursuits is woven into the fabric of their lives and through this projected to the world in order to bring holiness to it. By example, in every Jewish community, dating back 3500 years, there is a person or persons who practice being a Scribe. The job of the Scribe is to write the sacred documents that community members require in order for them to remain holy, to cleave to the commandments of G-d and to be protected from forces of Evil. The Scribe deals with several types of documents, however there are three primary places that require the Scribes meditative focus to commit on parchment the writings of the prayers and commandments that were handed to the Jewish people by G-d. Most importantly, the Scribe practices a ritual purification each day before he writes any of these parchments in order that G-dliness can be drawn down, through the holy letters committed to the document and the connection he makes with G-d in the process of his writing it.

Like many Jews, each day the Scribe goes to a place called the Mikvah, a fresh water spring (or modernized version of a spring) in which he in his naked state, submerges his head and body under water to be purified in readiness to write the holy names of G-d on the parchments. Others who attend the Mikvah do it for personal purification, which is required at prescribed times, some do it daily, but each and every one who attends the Mikvah in cities and towns around the world do so in order to remain sensitive and in touch with their righteousness and to bring holiness into the world.

Each day millions of Jewish people meditate, some engage in very deep meditation whilst others simply practice prayer. During the morning, except on Saturday (Sabbath and Holiday's), men meditate using an ancient and specially crafted holy adornment called Tefilin. A pair of Tefilin comprises two leather boxes that are tied with leather straps, to the forehead and on the upper left arm adjacent to the heart. In each of four compartments contained within the leather boxes of the Tefilin are the words written by the Scribe, onto parchment, reminding us of our obligation to remember G-d, His Commandments, His taking Israel out of bondage from Egypt, the obligation to teach traditions to our children, the words speaking of G-d’s unity, our mutual bond of love and man’s declaration of responsibility toward G-d. Each of these prayers are written on the parchment and placed in 4 separate compartments of the Tefilin whereby the Scribe connects the holiness of G-d in each universal realm through his work to the article. Tefilin are often considered by Jews to be their antenna to G-d and many Jews have Tefilin written and made especially for them where the Scribe concentrates his prayers during his writing on the person for whom the Tefilin are made. By Rabbinical decree, women are not required to wear Tefilin.

In addition to Tefilin, the Scribe regularly writes a holy document called a Mezuzah, which is attached to the right door post of all gates and external doors as well as doors leading to any room in a home or office that is permanently occupied by a Jewish person. The Mezuzah contains the prayer known as “Sh’mah” which is recited at the beginning and end of the day by righteous Jews. Many of the same precepts contained in the Tefilin are repeated. The Mezuzah contains the Holy names of G-d and as such provides an ever-present point at a gateway where the souls of Jewish people pass everyday. The Mezuzah is considered to provide a protective force against the side of evil.

Finally Scribes write and repair Torah scrolls regularly. For thousands of years, from the time of Moses, Scribes have painstakingly written each of the 304805 letters and their 300000 adornments into Torah scrolls beginning with the original document that was first transcribed by Moses when he wrote the first 68 chapters before receiving the ten commandments at the commencement of the 40 years the Israelites lived in the desert. Each time a Scribe takes on the responsibility for writing a Torah scroll he ensures his complete state of holiness and purification rising each day, he meditates toward his holiest state in order to bring G-d, through his actions and his writing, to the document that Jews rely upon as the centerpiece of their ongoing heritage.

Bringing holiness is a serious responsibility for the many Jews and righteous people of all religions around the world who participate in their various practices each day. The root practices of meditation and prayer in Judaism has been deeply buried in the texts of Kabbalah for thousands of years. The last recorded times that these were practiced in their ancient form, resembling some of the deepest and most intense meditations, were around the times of the first temple, some 2800 years ago. In the past 50 years there has been an attempt by many religious scholars to outline, document and re-assemble the details of these Jewish mediation mantra’s and the methodologies that were once the daily practice of some of the holiest souls our planet has ever had the privilege of accommodating.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Going Deeper

The average family cannot trace their roots beyond 3 past generations. This means, within 50 years of your death, you are likely to be forgotten by the latest generation of your future family. This being the case, what is the purpose of your material life? The truth is that every day of your life is a day in perpetuity, preserved forever and affecting the future forever. In much the same way that every vote counts at the polling booth, every day, every decision, every word and every action counts toward the world you leave for future generations.

Every step on the journey to a more fulfilling existence begins with an exercise in self control, especially in your developing the ability to think, open mindedly, thoughts that are capable of seeing the whole picture, in detail, in order to put into context current events being experienced by you.

It is well know to practitioners of Torah and psychology that the intellect, once it grasps an idea, surrounds the concept such that the subject is firmly encompassed within the mind. It is only possible for the subject to be retained in the mind if it is fully enclosed and surrounded by the grasp your understanding provides your mind. The boundary established by your understanding an idea is therefore important because without boundaries there would be no possible way of grasping and retaining any idea. Therefore, the idea being grasped must contain one or more fixed precepts in order for the intellect to fully encompass, digest and ultimately articulate it. This often becomes apparent when ideas, which are not fully formed, present as being difficult to articulate, the mind looses focus because it (the idea) failed to capture and an attentive mind. When the defined boundaries (understanding) of the idea have not been sufficiently grasped it cannot be correctly articulated and its explanation will be insufficient to ignite the desired interest in the mind of the recipient of the information.

By studying the concepts written deeply into the hidden aspects of Torah one is drawn closer to its 'idea' which affects your sense of being as a direct result of the many important idea’s that are revealed and grasped in the process. This blog contains just a very small sample of those ideas.

By embracing knowledge of spiritual paths (Sefirot and the 32 paths of wisom) from where thoughts and ideas emerge and by total submission to G-d one can grasp deeper concepts (associated with any idea). This enables the conscious and subconscious mind to elevate to the spiritual level of the soul, outside the physical presence of the brain, through which the deepest appreciation of G-d's external influence can be realized.

When the mind is open, in the way of Torah, to contemplate the emergence of a thought the intensity of this internalized focus may lead some people to experiencee a 'holy light' (overwhelming spiritual intensity) that emanates from G-d's highest universal realm. Therefore, it is essential to correctly shield oneself, by being consciously aware of the excersise because without this grounding several potential disastrous outcomes can occur. In this state of mental openness, complete balance and order are required so that contemplations and meditations are not experienced in ways that could be harmful to the mind.

There is a well know story about three ancient and very famous Rabbis that went into an orange orchard to meditate, it goes like this;

Four entered the Orchard ( Pardes- an acronym meaning four specific modes of interpreting and learning Torah). They were Ben (Ben = Son of) Azzai, Ben Zoma, Acher (literally, "the Other", referring to Elisha ben Abuya), and Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva warned them (speaking abstractly of the spiritual experience they were about to encounter); "When you enter near the stone of pure marble, do not say 'water, water,' (since there is actually no water there at all), and it is written, 'He who speaks falsehood will not be established before My eyes' (Psalms 101:7)."

-Ben Azzai gazed and died. Regarding him it is written, "Precious in G-d's eyes is the death of His pious ones" (Psalms 116:15).

-Ben Zoma gazed and was stricken with insanity; he went out of his mind. Regarding him it is written, "You have found honey, eat moderately lest you bloat yourself and vomit it". (Proverbs 25:16)

-Acher gazed and cut the plantings i.e. he became a heretic.

-Rabbi Akiva entered in peace and departed in peace....

This story illustrates the potential harm that deep spiritual mediation, as documented by Judaism’s ancient practices, can bring to a person if they are not fully prepared and in a stable mental state. This exaggerates the problem because the vast majority of people will never experience the intensity of the experience of these Rabbi’s and sages, but there is no way of knowing, in advance, who are the righteous ones amongst us, therefore each person trying this should be prepared. Rabbi Akiva was a teacher of Rabbi Shimeon bar Yochai whose revelations from the time he meditated in a cave for 13 years are to be found in one of the most famous interpretation of Torah, The Zohar.

Kabbalah includes some of the most intense meditation methods and it is known from the writings of the ancient Jewish prophets, priests and sages that properly prepared people can reach very high and holy states. However, as more is revealed, as people become aware of the deeper meanings within each of the Hebrew letters and as balanced and complete study of the Torah is restored to people, so our minds may begin to, once again, explore the methods that were once practiced and our souls may become elevated to the levels that enabled us to call out directly to G-d and to reach Him through the ways that He prescribed.

In Judaism there is a know precept that says Torah study is equal to all the other good deeds that one must do. This is because Torah is the gateway to life’s purpose and as such it is elevated above every other deed because it is known to shape people in the way that G-d wants them to be.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The System

When looked at objectively Judaism, like many other religions and belief systems, is the most complete living meditation. It's true form is found in the hidden commitments, practices, rituals and prayers of Jewish people. Many of these are taken for granted, they are not properly understood, principally because we are presently unable to practice any of these ancient techniques in their entirety as they originated and were practiced. However, the world is changing and our lives with it and through discovery, awareness, sensitivity and knowledge we are slowly fitting the pieces back together to comprehend the reasons for many of the early mystical writings of the great prophets and sages that were laid down on stone, papyrus and wood discussing elevation in the spiritual world.

Judaism’s embedded system of meditation is an all encompassing life-long continuous upward spiral (a ladder) to reach higher levels of elevation in which prayers are made with more dedication, clarity and focus. This causes ones thoughts to rise in the higher worlds (even at an intellectual level) through which actions in the lower world (emotional level) can yield the desired objectives. Here efficiency depends on purity of mind and body. This practice is contained in the recipes for living ones life including the writings and teachings of Torah as expounded through Kabbalah, Gemara, Mishnah, Midrash, Kashrut and other significant works that document, in enormous detail, the way to achieve purity of purpose and spiritual enlightenment of the highest order.

The essence of Jewish mediation and prayer is contained in the simple explicit Name of G-d –י׳ה׳ו׳ה (YHVH). As alluded to earlier (, this Name is of the highest order and contains everything within it, beyond this is The Deity Himself which we are unable to fathom in any way regardless of how one tries. We already learned that the letters י(Yud), ה(Heh) and ו(Vav) are the only possible suffixes for the first and last letters of Torah – creating words meaning 'to me', 'to her', 'to him', 'in me', 'in her', 'in him'. It is written in Sefer Yetzirah that with these six letters G-d created all things – י׳ה׳ו׳ה יה (Yah Y’H’V’H)[1].

Conceptually the brain is part of the physical world and the mind is of the spiritual world. It is said that an angel[2] (as the archetype of the spiritual) can only carry one mission and can never share the same mission, likewise a thought emerges as a singularity and the mind can never deal with more than one thought at any instant. In order for man to reach the highest levels of effectiveness, integration of the physical and spiritual is required. This explains the reasons for the many continued physical rituals and practices that exist in Judaism and many other religions, they all form part of a greater system of meditation in which the physical and the spiritual converge to yield an elevated state of holiness. These practices all stem from the 620 positive and negative commandments included in Torah (Keter (Crown)) = 620.

Throughout the prayer books of the orthodox Jews are the concepts alluding to the importance of the Name of G-d. Some of these examples include; "…then was His Name proclaimed King; …blessed is His Name; …praised and glorified His great Name forever;…may the Name of the L-rd be blessed; …the L-rd is His Name; hallow and ascribe sovereignty to: …The Name of the Almighty G-d; …He endures and His Name endures; …and have in love brought us near, O our King, to Your great Name, that we may praise You, and proclaim Your Oneness and love Your Name; …on that day, The L-rd shall be One and His Name One". Each of these references serves as a reminder that the depth of His Name represents everything including all that we are (physically) and all that we experience (spiritually) and our steps toward holiness are made by first attaining an understanding of His Name.

All of the Sefirot (soul attributes) are reflected in His Explicit Name. In the Apex of the Yud is Keter (Crown), The Yud (י - Yud) is Chokmah (Wisdom), the first Heh (ה - Heh) is Binah (Understanding), the Vav (ו - Vav) represents the Six of Zer Anpin (emotional attributes - Chesed (Compassion), Gevurah (Strength), Tifferet (Beauty), Netzach (Victory), Hod (Humility) and Yesod (Foundation) – hence the value of Vav being = 6) with the last Heh being Malkhut (Kingship) - the seventh. In the physical world, specific interactions between the various attributes of the Sefirot can be realized by combining and considering the expansions of the names of G-d to unify the letters (or the energies represented by those letters) using the mystical secrets of Kabbalah and the meditative practices prescribed by it.

Every aspect of Jewish ritual that is deeply integrated into the fabric of a Jewish devotee enables a person to achieve a higher state of holiness. The constant reminder of G-d’s presence, through rituals, practices, prayer and meditation enable one to reach a place in the spiritual world, from their place in the physical world that is closer to G-d (perfection) where the light of His countenance can be experienced with increasing degrees of intensity. The worlds improving holistic knowledge of ancient Jewish practices increasingly clarifies their worthiness as an important people. Now the intricately woven pieces of all these practices can be bound together with our renewed knowledge of the words of Torah and their meanings, discovered from all the books that expound Torah, resulting in a vision of Judaism being a complete life commitment to a better world, through holiness, achieved using meditation and actualization.

For students of mediation there is no system more advanced and there will never be one that is as advanced and complete as the holistic system and practice of being Jewish.

[1] Sefer Yetzirah – Ariyeh Kaplan Pg 16, Pg 81
[2] Sefer Yetzirah – Ariyeh Kaplan Pg 60

Friday, March 30, 2007

Our Purpose

People continuously seek purpose in their lives. There are times when things seems to be going well and ones purpose in life appears to be clear and then there are other times, in every life, when that purpose, which seemed so clear only a short time back is completely clouded and cannot become clear no matter how hard one tries. Perhaps we each have to analyze the validity of our various definitions of purpose, but to do so we must first look back to the source of our current day perspectives.

Zealous pursuit of material pleasure, motivated by our collective desires, has led us into a world which continues to be driven by this objective, yet “purpose” remains fleeting and people continue to seek 'it' in their lives. However, if mans' purpose was a lost cause then we would move more rapidly, as a human race, toward the brink of our own self inflicted destruction, but that's not quite the way it is...

Purpose is the central element of any culture, if it can be identified it can be nurtured to increasingly empower society, but when single minded devotion to purpose is diluted by other purposes that compliment the collective ‘noise’ of desire then our actual purpose is diluted. If we go back to the roots of our spiritual culture in the western world, particularly around the time of the revelation to the people at Mt. Sinai, we will see that purpose in life was centered on the soul. At this time, as is evident in the Torah and in Egyptian archaeological records, the passage of the soul was clearly the focus of so many aspects of society. Whilst the Egyptian records refer to the soul’s passage in the afterlife (to a greater degree), in everyday life passage remained the focus. Either way, the soul was at the absolute center of purpose and thought that prevailed in society.

Society’s absolute commitment to elevation of the soul was the living purpose of the mainstream so much so that their conscious minds were readily aware of and always centered on the potential impact their actions may have on the elevation of their souls in the afterlife. Negative moral behavior would lead to a demise of the energy of the soul, which was seen as the antithesis of ones G-d or god given responsibility. By the end of life’s term the body and mind should be elevated to the purest state so that the elevated soul be returned to rising to a higher heaven that its origin. Torah and Kabbalah resolved that a single purpose cannot be defined by multiple gods and that was the defining difference between the holy people of Israel and Egypt.

If we were all truly committed to the improvement of life on planet earth we would first begin to recognize our life purpose so that it could manifest in our thoughts and actions, in the way we operate and function as individuals and as societies and finally as a common race of human beings . In the absence of messianic intervention, a dramatic change is not possible, but if one contemplates the era in which we find ourselves and takes a global view of significant ecological, territorial and cultural events of recent history one can only begin to draw conclusions that improvement, through unity, is the only logical direction toward which society must move, in order that we can ultimately attain the peaceful objectives that are ultimately prophesized for the human race; to bring G-d to dwell amongst us in a direct and absolute fashion.

This objective is clearly referred to in the Torah, particularly in the lead up to messianic times when we (on earth) are to make a home for G-d to dwell amongst us. In Hebrew 'home' is written בית (bayit). The same word is used for the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet (bet - בית), the letter is ב (bet or beit) representing the number 2. The gematria of (ta’avah) meaning “desire” or passion בית = 412 = תאוה (bayit). Generally ta’avah is referred to as a negative desire, but when it is associated with a righteous person it becomes positive. The signs are therefore clear, our progressive return to a righteous state will correct the energy of our collective desires and bring with it the presence of G-d to dwell in the house that we make for Him. There are some very special connotations related to the energy associated with the letter ב (bet), particularly as they relate to the third and final temple in Jerusalem. The letter ב (bet) is the first letter of Torah.

Discovering our collective purpose as a human race seems to be a perplexing problem, but there can be no greater purpose than to bring G-d’s presence to dwell amongst us in a real and absolute sense.