Friday, September 29, 2006

Taming the inner Beast

These days, technological developments occur frequently, but every so often it becomes evident that many of these new innovations are not unique or exclusive events. It appears that new ideas, arrived at independently, often emerge in the market simultaneously. Since the advent of the Internet this global phenomenon is immediately noticeable. It’s as if wisdom[1] and understanding facilitate knowledge in experts who are ready to receive, interpret and convey their insights simultaneously. Many would say that competition explains this, however when truly novel ideas present in this way, it is more difficult to pinpoint the reasons for their synchronized emergence.

This observation parallels teachings of Kabbalah and Chasidus. These teachings go much further than scientific psychology by connecting 'mind' to its Divine source where, an analogy is used to describe the spritual world starting at the loftiest point of 4 ascending spiritual realms; the tip of the first letter Yud (י) in G-d’s four letter name Y’H’V’H (י׳ה׳ו׳ה). This is the point of the ‘Seminal Flash’, the point from which Supernal Wisdom (Intense Spiritual Light) comes into finite existence - this is the initial point of creation where 'something is created out of nothing'[2]. G-d ‘constricts’ this Intense Spiritual Light in its descent to the lowest spiritual realm (in which we live), concealing its' intensity so that we are not obliterated by it.

These 4 universal realms are also home to corresponding levels of the soul and its’ fifth level, which also equates to the high point of the Yud (י), but here it is an analogy for the soul’s direct point of connection to the Essence of G-d[3]. In this instance the point of the seminal flash is ths source of wisdom (light) that, by a form of constriction transcends each level of the soul. Those with 'ready souls' are able to reveal this deeply concealed and constricted Light, which if unimpeded by their intellectual and emotional attribute’s (vessels), enable perfect wisdom to come to 'mind' (thought).

The Lights' physical or intellectual manifestation is then a repeat (in the ‘image of man’) of the Seminal Flash: ‘A Thought’, the seminal flash that emerges in the brain, triggers neurons to fire and memory associations to be made. Those captured by the ‘Light’, emanating from the attribute of Wisdom in the depth of their soul, connect it to all their real world faculties to form practical outcomes through speech and action. This chain of events is a continuous process related to creation and re-creation of the spiritual and physical over-which The L-rd (י׳ה׳ו׳ה) G-d (א׳ל׳ה׳י׳ם) prevails.

Chasidus teaches that increasing acts of kindness and charity causes Supernal Wisdom to be dispensed more freely. We all want to be better people, but we can only accomplish this by, what is known in Kabbalah as ‘circumcising the heart’; applying higher intellect to nullify the effects of constrictions' outer (evil) shell and those 'knee jerk' emotional reactions, which tend to govern our emotional core. Pre-emptive thoughts, centered on kindness, followed by speech and action allow this circumcision to be accomplished by countering our tendancy to be harsh or judgmental (the unilateral attributes of might and judgment). Not by stopping what we do or being who we are, but by understanding from where thought emerges and by considering G-d's role in each thought, before speaking and acting. Known as 'putting the Aleph (א) before everything’, this way we get to refine our world in ‘infinite’ ways to make it the place that we all want it to be.

Finally there is an important consideration: The name G-d (א׳ל׳ה׳י׳ם) is associated with Judgment; the Supernal form, the form that constricts His Intense Spiritual Light, dispensing it by an act of Kindness toward man to aid our emergence as the people, as the world His Light reflects. The reciprocal for Judgment in our world is ‘Darkness’ dispensed as the constricted shell (remnant) of the Light it conceals. Most people who live through the path of judgment invite darkness as their prevailing context for life. They struggle with their heart of ‘stone’ unable to distinguish the vessel (shell) from the Light. In the absence of prevailing kindness, the 'shell' together with its’ higher darker powers are strengthened to envelop and trap the soul. In this state, evil aspects prevail over good because Judgment (the evil aspect) is invited by 'choice' to prevail.

Taming the inner Beast requires a conscious effort, but is really quite simple because wisdom (Light) is born into the world through continuous acts of charity and prevailing acts of kindness resulting in pre-emptive enhancements to your emotional responses. That’s not to say ‘kindness’ in the absence of ‘judgment’, rather ‘kindness’ before ‘judgment’ regardless of one's emotional state.

Bottom Line: “Be kind and be wise” and read Torah with a renewed perspective.

To understand how your energy travels in your soul click the 'Sefirot' link on the righ margin - then follow the paths leading to and from the attributes of Judgment and Kindness.

[1] Zohar Vayera 116b – 117a[2]

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Messianic Dispute

Thanks to modern communication, archaeological techniques and technology a more accurate understanding of the 4000[1] years from Abraham, who was closer to the knowledge of Creation than most people think, is being established.

Noah and his son Shem imparted first hand to Abraham Kabbalah that descended directly from Adam. Only 2 generations were required to carry this knowledge in order that Abraham and the world could benefit from it. [The generation of Methuselah lived during the last third of Adam's life and Noah lived during most of Methuselah's life.] Meticulously passed down to Abraham was the deepest (seemingly esoteric) knowledge[1] of the pristine perfect spiritual and physical Garden of Eden, which is carefully recorded in the mystical construct of Torahs' Hebrew words, the language of Eden[2].

In the region of Iraq, Abraham opposed the tyranny of paganism, to which his family and their society aspired, by boldly breaking with their customs a tremendously significant gesture for the time. Despite threats to his life he became devoted to meditation, prayer and the development of a deep fear and love for one intangible, transcendent G-d. In the face of adversity he and a number of members of his family established dominion over a large and mobile kingdom of followers. His religious and philosophical views were fresh, logical and modern. From the time Abraham entered Egypt in the 1948th year from creation (around 4000 years ago /2000 BCE) he was destined to be influential in that society. In Egypt, Abraham stimulated Pharaoh and his advisors to focus their intellectual attentions on his teachings and doctrines, the deep mystical line, the continuation of Adam's knowledge.

Abraham's wife Sarah, in her late 70's, considered her childless state an act of G-d. Knowing the mystical importance of a son from Abraham, she asked him to sire a child by Hagar her trusted servant. Hagar was a holy woman, a princess of Pharaoh, she was wise in matters of astrology and prophecy and a confidant to Sarah whose' prophetic abilities were on a higher level thaAbraham'sms. From Hagar Ishmael was born. When Ishmael was 13 and Abraham 99, Abraham seeking a higher more purified state circumcised[3] himself together with Ishmael. As he was recovering G-d sent his angels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel to him and to Sarah. They told them to prepare for the birth of a son. Sarah laughed and Abraham doubted the message asking instead for something more tangible, that Ishmael be blessed with the gift of life. A year later Sarah, at 90, gave birth to Isaac and 8 days later, in accordance with the angelic instructions Abraham had received, Isaac was circumcised.

Ishmael was a strong child, a skilled marksman in the physical and spiritual sense. He would live amongst and kill wild animals in ways that were opposed to the holy laws, consistent with Edenic Kabbalah, that Isaac was committed to keep. From this Sarah foresaw that Ishmael was dominated by emotional instinct and was therefore prone to unholy acts where Isaac's soul was dominated by intellect and strength that balanced well with Abraham's kindness, she prophesized this would yield an offspring of messianic[4] destiny. Given Abraham and Sarah's commitment to the sanctity of one G-d and the maintenance of the specific holy laws they had been commanded to keep, Sarah insisted that Hagar and Ishmael leave the kingdom of Abraham and G-d told Abraham to listen to Sarah. Hagar returned with Ishmael to Egypt where Abraham visited on occasions. Ishmael raised a family of 12 sons (with different wives).

Abraham was called by G-d to sacrifice his son. At first he was not sure which son because he loved Isaac and Ishmael. Abraham summoned both (Ishmael at 50 and Isaac at 37), to journey with him. Eliezer his servant and their donkey also journeyed to the place of sacrifice. Eliezer was a previous King (Og King of Bashan) who having witnessed the miracles of Abraham and Sarah had submitted, in the fullest sense, to follow the G-d of Abraham. At the time Abraham was living in Hevron a 3 day journey to Jerusalem. However the journey took much longer due to the many tests that G-d put Abraham's way. Regardless, Abraham prevailed arriving at the base of the mountain on which the sacrifice was to take place. This holy site is the same site where the Temple was built and is known as Har Bayit (The mountain of The Home of G-d - The Temple).

On the approach to Har Bayit, Abraham could physically see (sense) the spiritual light shining as an aura over the mountain, he asked each person what they saw, only Isaac, who had the deepest sensitivity, could see the same light. Abraham then asked Isaac to make the assent with him. This was the Light of Wisdom, which Abraham knew from his Kabbalistic understanding was drawn through the unification of kindness and strength, represented by the soul of Abraham and Isaac, the same prophecy that Sarah had previously seen[5]. Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice to G-d, Isaac asked Abraham to bind him tightly so that he would not flinch and cause a blemish in the sacrifice, but an Angel stopped Abraham.

Our present understanding of Kabbalah and Chasidus verifies this story by the many analogies to the soul's unification of kindness (mercy) and strength (judgment), which through Abraham and Isaac produced beauty (balance between intellect and emotion), the known character trait of Jacob (Israel), the son of Isaac. In fact Kabbalah reveals the complete Jewish entity (soul), which is brought about through the foundation of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (see the next post - Taming the inner Beast). You may recall the term 'Zionist Entity' used by Iran's President Ahmadinejad, the entity he refers to is the complete Jewish soul (consisting of 600,000 fulfilled root souls) which must occur before the arrival of Israel's Messiah.

The Quran relies upon the teachings of many of the same prophets and forefathers of Torah including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses amongst numerous others. In Quran Moses is known as "Mousa Kalim Allah" (Moses, the one who spoke directly with G-d). He is heralded as the prophet who was given Torah, by G-d. Torah includes the story of Abraham, from which arises one of the most significant issues that leadership of Iran and other fundamental Islamic groups, after 1700 years, are finally contending. These groups fundamentally believe that Abraham offered Ishmael instead of Isaac as a sacrifice to G-d and this is the root of their Messianic departure. However, it is difficult for Quran to argue the sanctity and greatness of Mousa Kalim Allah and maintain that the Torah he wrote perpetrates a lie, when it declares that Isaac was the one offered by Abraham.

Finally the tomb of the forefathers (Machpelah), which Abraham purchased from the occupiers of land in Hevron, is the burial place of Adam, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as their wives. One thing Jews, Christians and Muslims agree upon is that this is the resting place for their bodies. Ishmael is not buried with them.

Despite the integrity of Torah and its esoteric logic and despite the very weak arguments of Islam that dispute its authenticity[6], The Quran and Islam state it was Ishmael who was offered by Abraham. This is and remains the fundamental point of dispute which must first be resolved before fundamental Islam will ever be at peace with Israel.

[1] Zohar Vayera 117b-118a
[2] Zohar Vayera 118a - 118b
[3] Zohar Vayera 100b - 101b
[4] Zohar Vayera 119a - 119b
[5] Zohar Vayera 119a - 119b

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Material vs. Spiritual

Among the reasons for fundamental Islamic terror is the ascension of material desire in the Judeo Christian world, which allegedly relegates G-d to secondary status. Ancient cultures where the material (physical) world was distinguished from the holy spiritual world, were synergistic only when the latter dominated the former.

The worlds emerging macro trends are clear. Wealth is rapidly accumulating in the hands of more people dramatically improving material existence for billions worldwide. This brings with it significant shifts in the way societies, impacted by this economic prerogative, manage their daily affairs . Unable to reverse the march of time, we move forward altering destiny for the betterment of all people, or so we hope. Yet, billions lag behind.

Increased wealth enables more people to devote time to issues of their choice rather than those they are compelled to choose. For now, most of our lives are consumed by fast cars, quicker connections and modern media. Television, Internet, Video, Audio, Theater, Newspaper Radio, Fashion, Sport, Food, Entertainment and Learning all shape our past, current and future view of the world. Our desire to be independent, secure and productive continues to sharpen our focus on material success consuming much of our thinking time.

At the time of our Biblical forefathers, prophets and sages, people were inspired by and dedicated their intellect to spiritual matters of the soul. Materiality was not a demand of culture or society because you were either born into the wealthy aristocracy or you were embraced by or supported by them. Acquiring significant wealth was unlikely other than through spiritual devotion through which your being would be elevated to a heightened and more purified state. This would earn a person respect and regard leading to increased material comfort as a consequence. Elevation of the soul, in life, through deep knowledge of the spiritual dimension was life's conscious purpose so that, after death, the soul would pass to a higher world in a more purified and elevated state. This was the societal objective of the time.

Since the time of Adam unquestioning commitment to the soul, as the purpose of life, prevailed in the minds of people. After the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem, levels of devotion to this purpose began a long slide in shifting consciousness, from a world of intense spirituality toward today's world of the intense materiality. Spiritual Jewish leaders, who were at the center of world events were overwhelmed by this rising focus on the material. First it was the Babylonians, then the Greeks, the Romans, the Spanish, the Russians and the Germans, the French, the English and the Americans, each progressively shifting the prevailing view of the mainstream toward the intellectual 'noise' of materialism.

The Jewish mainstream, who were once intensely devoted to their sense of holiness, bowed to judgment, their dominant soul force (of the left), encouraged by the political agendas of the powers that be. Individuals were easily captured by the lure of material desire as money's purpose became the 'prize' and spiritual disciplines and devotions gave way to the apparent freedoms and privileges available only to the rich. Distracted, people compromised their holy objectives and with that, they lost awareness and knowledge of their deep holy culture.

It is said that 'money is the root of all evil' however, money can equally be the root of all good. To achieve this we have to dig deep, learning to achieve, finding renewed faith, because without faith there is only fear for the loss of 'that' upon which your comfort and security is based. Materiality, being a desire of the left (evil) and spirituality, being the side of the right (good), establishes a perfect relationship such that money can be elevated to serve its true purpose. Applied to the right causes and through the right process, money is being turned into 'a root of good' by a public who are more intently focused on this positive social and spiritual path and who are resolved to orderly thinking so that the pursuit of holiness in the application of global economics becomes the prevailing objective of the worlds' modern societies.

If we had a homogeneous 'desire' to meditate on subjects of holiness and if the desire dominated our thinking, we would focus less on the objects of desire and more on desires' source. This would inevitably lead us to the discovery of truth and the connection to the forces of good and evil that influence our souls. Then our minds would continuously witness the wonders of G-d's works because we would learn to identify that the thoughts we have, the things we say and the actions that occur in our lives have greater meaning and purpose. We would understand reasoning, we would identify the common ground that unites us and we would respond with wisdom in ways that are universally synchronized. This would ultimately lead to the redemption of man from our current predicament allowing us all to ascend to the highest levels of our souls, an objective to which all mainstream religions subscribe.

This fundamental cultural difference is the antithesis of today's materialistic world. It is impossible for us to return to a society that once existed, but that is clearly not our goal. The goal prescribed by Kabbalah, Chasidus and Torah is one, which in our modern world of intensified awareness and rapid accumulation of knowledge, enables society to become increasingly tuned to the holistic and mystical paths that lead us toward a better understanding of life's purpose.

Dedication to 'soul' by acting to achieve enlightenment peace and happiness, is the path toward the completion of life's cycle, the purpose of man, for each and every one of us, in the higher world of our souls. Those who heighten their awareness of spirituality and who strive to remain connected to their constant state of holiness are able to recognize the extent to which their soul is in command. Reading your soul, your life compass, is a skill we no longer instinctively possess, most of us lost this skill a few thousand years ago, but re-connecting is not as difficult as one may think.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Thirty Two – Is Israel special?

Using the words, "Jihad" and "Holy War" in lecture at the University of Regensburg, Pope Benedict XVI the head of the Roman Catholic Church recently quoted criticism of Prophet Muhammad by a 14th Century Byzantine Christian emperor.
"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached," Benedict quoted Manuel II.

These latest comments will rapidly spearhead a terror attack by Islamic fundamentalists against the Christian world that will make past attacks seem mild. France and Italy, the primary supporters of The United Nations peace effort in Lebanon are the likely 'first strike' targets. However, after the damage is done and all is settled, Israel, their common enemy, will become the scapegoat that unites the forces of Edom (Rome/France) and Ishmael (Iran /Syria) against it. The will of this unified force will exert its attention to subdue Israel in every possible way, to contain it, to silence it, to put it back in the box, but their efforts will fail, because Torah prophecies declare this to be the final attempt to divert Israel's purpose. After this, only one 'truth' will be clear to all the world and Israel will progress to fulfill its purpose.

So, what is it about Israel's people that has caused them to be the subject of continuous reproach?

It seems reasonable, given Kabbalah's revelation; the soul of Israel is derived by G-d's special arrangement and blessing, that the Jews who descend from Jacob (Israel) would in some way stand out from the crowd. The revelation also declares the 'letters' of Torah as Creations' blueprint (spiritually and physically) and that its teachings hold the key to unlocking a perfect world. The history of the Jews, in some sense is a special history, but is it special enough that we can bear witness to its true distinction and purpose?

The 'genius fringe' of society provides a curious source, a statistical basis for the intellectual pursuit of secular objectives in the modern world. This is not representative of society as a whole, but indicative of this sectors performance. The statistical samples provide clues to whether Jews, primarily genetic descendants of Israel, perform at the high end of intellectual pursuit around which they integrate into societies and cultures. To analyze this lets look at the Nobel Prize list of 770 winners as at 2005;

Jews, approximately 14 million people or 0.2% of the world's population, have accumulated 127 Nobel Prizes (16.5%) for contributions to various aspects of society.

Muslims, approximately 1.2 billion people or 20% of the world's population, have accumulated 8 Nobel Prizes (1%) for contributions to various aspects of society.

Christians, Hindu's, Shinto's, Buddhists, Sikhs and people of other faiths (including Jewish souls who no longer consider themselves Jews), approximately 4.5 billion people or 75% of the world's population, have accumulated the balance of the 635 (82.5%) Nobel prizes.

Whilst this is in no way conclusive, it does indicate that Jews possess a disproportionately unique capacity at the 'genius fringe' of secular society to be inventive, innovative and to push the boundaries of logical and constructive thought beyond their expected statistical boundary. Let's take a deeper look at the soul construct of Jews and some reasons that may allude to answers;

In the first portion of Torah - The Book of Genesis dealing with creation, G-d's commandments are counted and interpreted as follows;

The words; "G-D SAID" are written on 10 separate occasions; The 10 Utterances, representing the 10 vessels or the essential attributes (Sefirot) of our soul or; 'The Spirit of G-d' [see Sefirot link in right margin -numbered 1-10]

The words; "G-D MADE" are written on 3 occasions representing the Three Mother letters of Hebrew, Aleph (א), Mem (מ) and Shin (ש) (the three sources of creative energy) - an analogy to Air, Water and Fire. These connect the attributes on the horizontal plane. [see Sefirot link in right margin - Horizontal lines each represented by a Hebrew letter]

The words; "G-D SAW" are written on 7 occasions representing the 7 doubles letters that can express 2 sounds. These connect the attributes on a vertical plane. [see Sefirot link in right margin - vertical lines]

The word; "G-D" is written on 12 occasions representing the letters that express a single sound. These connect attributes on a diagonal plane. [see Sefirot link in right margin - diagonal lines]

This represents the 32 times that G-D's name is mentioned, with an act of creation in the opening of Genesis (creation), reflecting the aspects of G-d and His energies that created the spiritual and physical universe in which we live.

Since their are no separate numerals in Hebrew, the number 32 = is written by joining the letters Lammed (ל) + Bet (ב) = Lev (לב). The word Lev means 'Heart' - known to be the 'King of the Soul' and Torah is analogous with the 'Heart of Creation'.

The bookmark letters of Torah are Bet (ב) - B (sometimes pronounced, V -Vet) = 2; being the first letter of the first word 'Bereishit' and Lammed (ל) - L = 30; being the last letter of the last word 'Yisrael'. Together they make the word Lev (לב)

The prefix Lammed (ל) means - 'to' - as - 'from me to you'

The prefix Bet (ב) means - 'in' - as - 'in me and in you'

The name of G-d that represents His absolute embodiment presiding unilaterally over His creation is reflected only in the Tetragramaton (י'ה'ו'ה) Yud' Heh' Vav' Heh = 26 = 'The Name' = 'The L-rd'.

Of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet [see Gematria link] there are only two letters[1] to which each letter of the Tetragramaton can be applied as a suffix - Lammed (ל) and Bet (ב).

In context of the soul, that was "breathed into us" by G-d, apply the suffixes of the Tetragramaton individually;

Yud (י) = me
Heh ( ה) = her
Vav (ו) = him Lammed (ל) revealing the Hebrew words;

Li (לי) = to me

Lah (לה) = to her

Lo (לו) = to him

...and Bet (ב) revealing the Hebrew words

Bi (בי) = in me

Bah (בה) = in her

Bo (בו) = in him

Finally the Torah, which is considered to be 'one' with G-d's Essence, is the recognized heart of creation and is rooted in the concept of 'echad' (אחד) 'one' - reflecting G-d's ultimate state of oneness.

Echad meaning 'one' reveals, by multiplying its letters, the following;

1(א) x 8(ח) x 4(ד) =


The words 'goi (גוי) echad' (אחד) = 'one nation'; adding its' letters (3+6+10+1+8+4) = 32.

Now consider, the name; Eretz Yisrael (ארצ ישראל) = Land of Israel = 832;

832 divided by 32 =

26 = (י'ה'ו'ה)

26 is the number representing G-d's explicit name mystically reflecting His highest ruling state over heaven and earth (י'ה'ו'ה) Yud' Heh' Vav' Heh.
Further consider that; 'b eretz' (בארצ) 'goi' (גוי) 'echad' (אחד) = 'one nation in the land' = 325 The number 325 can be represented as the 25th triangular number whose mid point is 13 = אחד (echad when added 8+4+1=13)

Finally, echad (אחד) meaning: One or Unity = 13 = Ahavah (אהבה) meaning: Love.

This is a tiny conceptual illustration, a glimpse into the hidden logic of Hebrews mystical construct. There are untold numbers of significantly more complex analogies between these bookmark letters. The Torah is filled with infinitely advanced mystical, spiritual, mathematic and scientific concepts which are sometimes revealed using Hebrew's numeric base structure.

When G-d matches a soul to a body He has a reason to do so, for you and for each of the 127 Jewish and non-Jewish Nobel Prize Winners. Somehow, the component mix of energy in each attribute (Sefirot) defines a soul. Perhaps it was Israel's (Jacob's) inherent birthright and covenant with G-d that imbues souls with a close proximity, an awareness and a fundamental ability to understand G-d's picture more clearly, perhaps it is the blessings which Israel brings into the world, either way, the Nobel Prize record stands firm.

So, do Jews know and comprehend their special purpose and are they fulfilling it? This perplexing question goes to the heart of geo political / religious issues confronting us in the world today. These issues are the subject of numerous 'End of Day' prophecies derived from Torah's esoteric wisdom. At the heart of the Jewish Nation is the Torah text. It is the glue that has kept Israel from assimilating and disappearing into the masses, its logic provides clear direction and instruction to all who study it. However, its spiritual and physical opponents fear the day when that direction is fully revealed and accurately perceived, because the purpose of their existence will be challenged.

[1] Sefer Yetzirah - Aryeh Kaplan Pg 10

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Historical Fork in the Road

The current wave of media interest in the life of Jesus through books and films like 'The Passion for Christ' and 'The DaVinci Code' stands testimony to the growing public desire for historical and spiritual truth. When considered in context of 9/11, terrorism and the latest Israel / Iran conflict, that truth, I maintain, can only be found by following the stories of those that remained committed to the source teachings of Torah around which these fascinating Judeo / Christian / Islamic historical developments are centered.

3278 years ago the people of Israel entered the land of Israel. Moses advised them to paint onto large rocks on Mt. Ebal all the words of the Torah. Torah contains documented boundaries of the land the nation was to occupy. It also instructed them to displace the 7 other nations that were living in the land at the time. That same Torah is in circulation today, carried down from generation to generation in its precise form. Unlike Israel, those 7 nations have no method of identifying who they are or their heritage claims.

2400 years ago (600 BCE) mainstream devotion to G-d was the embodiment of the Jerusalem populous. They were completely and holistically committed to Torah's pure precepts and concepts. Prayer was a frequent and continuous occurrence, not the structured affair that it is today. Each person had a direct and meaningful relationship with G-d and each placed that relationship above all. The soul was sacrosanct, an interface between man and G-d's heavens above.

The Prophets were inspired by the clarity of G-d's Supernal Wisdom a concept described in ancient Kabbalah which is the presence of G-d's Light in the world. Such clarity existed because all of Israel personified the laws and essence of Torah in their thoughts, speech and actions. They lived their lives in a state of conscious holiness in accordance with Torah. Prophecy provided guidance, a window to the state of the nation's holiness. Indications of that state were projected and interpreted to determine their path.

In the times of Daniel (of the lions den) these prophecies were embraced by the Babylonian King who supported Israel's practices, but with the passing of Kings, the prophecies also brought a sense of fear and paranoia that invoked possessive desires resulting in the Babylonian destruction of the first Temple and the 70 year exile of Jews from Jerusalem.

Temple worship in the Holy City operated according to the lunar calendar with annual adjustment to solar. This had been the vital cycle of life for almost 3500 years. Babylonian, Greek and Roman rule over hundreds of successive years progressively eroded Israel's steadfast commitment to their lunar centric practices. Small breakaway Jewish groups who were empowered by foreign rulers and who preferred to embrace foreign cultures began to act against Israel's Torah heritage. This tumultuous period in Israel's history is the time when the oral traditions of Torah were committed to writing and the first translation of this ancient text into Greek took place.

2000 years ago at the beginning of the Common Era prophecies of the future had captured man's shifting consciousness. The Priests, determined to preserve ancient religious practices, exposed the inflection points that motivated invading forces to oppose the Temple and its worshippers. Rome's rulers, imbued with the powers of their divine authority, savaged Jews and the serenity of Jewish life whilst they turned hungry lions onto living victims before the masses as an antidote to a rebellious mainstream. Devoid of a meaningful and intellectually sound spiritual center, Roman culture reigned heavy on Jerusalem and the spiritual holiness of temple culture, even at the level of some Jewish priests. Israel's 'soul' culture was finally relegated by the growing face of the 'material' desire of the nations that occupied her.

Emperors like Augustus and the master politicians of the day engaged in and manipulated Rabbi's, Sages and Priests, injecting politics, to pit one against the other, dividing and conquering, all the time focusing on the desired political prizes; control of temple culture and replacement of the Roman Emperors divine authority with something more appealing to the mainstream. Romes religious confusion is apparent in Nero and other leaders who converted to Judaism at the time. Freedom fighters and religious zealots focused principle issues into public points of cultural conflict until finally the bubble burst and more than a million Jews were butchered and survivors banished from within Jerusalem's walls. Not one Jew was left in Jerusalem!

Sometime after the cessation of Jewish temple worship and the politicization of holiness, Romes floundering religious core consolidated through the teachings of Saul (Paul) who was a student of Yeshua (Jesus). Christianities new face, eventually attributed to Jesus, was born in Rome several hundred years after his death in Jerusalem. Intellectualized, politicized, translated, simplified and streamlined, it remained deeply rooted in the mystical esoteric aspects of its Jewish heritage and although mis-interpreted, began to capture hearts and minds. Mainstream Rome was finally transformed as its divine representative on earth - the glorious emperor, faded against the rising popularity of Romes new divine representation - Yeshua (which in Hebrew means 'salvation'). The crucifix, on which many people died, became Romes symbol of the Jewish massacre and the holy struggle for salvation.

Jerusalem's Jews were scattered to the north where one can visit the graves of many famous Rabbi's like Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai and Rabbi Elezar. Many descendants of the priestly generations that preceded the destruction of the Temple lie in graves scattered on the outskirts of the city. The centralized authority of ancient mysticism through meditation, prayer, ritual and Jewish culture were finally subdued. The Rabbi's could only operate 'underground', they refrained from teaching mystical and esoteric (Kabbalah) knowledge because it was seen as a dangerous motivator behind Rome's desire for control of the Jewish religious ethic.

The Arabs who, for generations, had been uplifted by the promise that Jewish holiness would deliver the Messiah, settled back to an unknown, un-chartered bleak future. The role of the Holy Jewish priests and the Holy nation of Israel had been decimated for all to see and the G-d of Israel had permitted the destruction of the Temple. For the Romans, Christianity emerged from the Temples ashes, but by 400 CE it was increasingly clear to inhabitants of the region that Israel's purpose to bring holiness and blessing, to prepare a home for the Messiah's arrival, had not yet been fulfilled. The region was void of its spiritual core.

In the void of the aftermath, a new religious culture was set to arise, a culture that would draw from the practices and teachings of the Jews and the Christians who by then were returning to a Jerusalem occupied by a mixed multitude. The Quran's references to Jews and Israel [2] echo thoughts of the authors who were relying on the holiness of the Jewish nation to bring salvation and redemption for them and for the world. In their eyes Israel had failed. That failure led to the destruction of Jewish Temple life, the birth of Christianity and the subsequent birth of Islam. By 800CE, 200 years after his death, the teachings of Prophet Mohammed were flourishing amongst many of the regions Arab tribes establishing the roots of modern Islam.

By now material logic was blossoming and 2 new religious cultures had emerged from the source teachings of the earliest Jewish forefathers and prophets. This 'modern' logic would continue to suppress holiness as people became less desirous of their intangible devotion. Esoteric spiritual thinking in mainstream life were progressively compartmentalized and cocooned so as not to impede the progress of developing societies. Cultural dominance morphed as mass awareness of 'soul essence' gave way to 'material desire', justified by common logic, as people moved toward self discovery where imperialism, art and science were intertwined in the fabric of life. In the minds of the populous G-d was displaced by man's expanding cultural sophistication.

In the absence of a life dominated by the culture of one G-d, sinfulness was counter balanced only by the implementation of common laws, by punishment and control, yet morality in life remained a doctrine of the Bible. The Torah was translated into foreign languages and its study in its original codified Hebrew construct, as passed down from scribe to scribe in previous generations, was lost to all except to those who retained their orthodox Jewish identity.

400 years ago our development ratcheted toward the modern age where execution at the speed of 'thought' became the prevailing societal aspiration and collective desire of our current materialistic era. As societies mature it becomes apparent that the conflict between material and spiritual is one which has been mis-understood and mis-interpreted by many, including Islamic terrorists. The path of our destiny is the one on which we find ourselves, but we must ultimately return to the sensitivity of our higher cause, because that too is our destiny. A purpose revealed through our ability to recognize truth is and will contiue to guide the world toward the global society we aspire.

The history of Judeo / Christian / Islamic development cannot be looked at through rose colored glasses. First we must obtain a true, common understanding of a history that synchronizes all physical and spiritual aspects, only then we can look forward to resolution of our significant differences.

[1] Shaar HaYichud see Ch 8 Footnote 44 Nero conversion to Jew Rabbi Meir