Friday, May 18, 2007

Getting There

Each of our souls is sourced from the One Soul which is the Light of the Essence of G-d.

Each one of us is capable of making change in our lives, but when confronted with issues that we don’t understand or don’t wish to understand, change often becomes daunting, scary and most times undesirable. Problems in ones life are at times suppressed because they are too hard to deal with. Jealousy, pain, drugs, marriage, divorce, kids, suicide, depression, education, career, peer groups, misbehavior, all types of disease, drinking and a myriad of other cultural sub-cluster issues impact on our ability to come up for a breath of clean air. The minute we do we are overwhelmed by the requirements of the material world in which most of us live our complex lives.

So have we forgotten our purpose?

Are we simply a victim of our own desires?

Has the noise of desire become too loud?

Can we turn back the clock?

Do we need to turn back the clock?

Where do we get Help!

In fact the answers are very easy, they are staring us in the face, they are with us every minute of every day, but we are blind to them.

Our soul is our purpose!

Our soul is the guiding light that empowers us!

Our soul is the energy that G-d has given us!

Our soul is the navigation device of life!

Your soul, if treated with deep regard, appreciation and a conscious sense of responsibility toward it, will benefit society by your special care of it. If we treat the soul as the separate entity that it is, then we may be able to re-build the necessary bridges to restore it to the forefront of our conscious minds, to the place that G-d intended for it when He created Adam in His image.

If we developed the conscious capacity to distinguish our physical presence, from the presence of the entity, the spiritual soul, we will improve our understanding and awareness of the things we do each day that distort our ability to be guided by our soul. With improved awareness of the soul we would naturally shift our perspective on life away from the issues that we perceive to be important to us, toward those that are actually important, but to which we pay lip service because of 'noise'.

The soul is our navigation device through which our consciousness is connected to G-d's higher worlds. If we build the capabilities required to listen carefully to what 'it' is telling us, we will be better off for it. Our free will is able to work with or against the pure inclination of the soul. Until and unless we listen to our soul we remain ineffective in the eyes of G-d! We may eventually arrive, by brute force, at the place our conscious minds want us to go, but we risk a danger of distortion, going beyond the point of no return where societies of souls can no longer be redeemed because our self inflicted actions do not serve the inner purpose each and everyone of us possess.

Learning how to listen to our soul is a skill that we once possessed and can re-establish or re-develop, but for now most of have lost the ability to connect with it. Perhaps we don’t have to discover how to listen to our soul in order to improve our lives, perhaps things are simpler and easier than all that, perhaps G-d, in His Absolute Wisdom already considered this point in the evolution of man. By recognizing the soul as the separate entity it is, by sub-consciously perceiving its' presence, its' connection to G-d and by consciously recognizing that it works in a defined way we will realize that it needs to be nurtured. Then for the sake of all souls and for the sake of man and G-d in the great struggle between evil and good, embracing and making a place for the soul in our conscious thought would enable us to reconnect with our individual purpose to make the world a better place for all.


Dougman said...

" reconnect with our individual purpose to make the world a better place for all".

All Four One, One Four All. (?)

Being Holy said...

If thats how things work out then I guess the answer is yes?

Dougman said...

To clearly confuse it even more

...All < Four < OneandOne > for < All...
(in continuum)?