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In the terminology of Kabbalah our universe exists in the spiritual realm of Asiyah[1], the lowest of G-d’s four universal realms that separate and protect man from being annihilated by the most intense spiritual light of G-d in its highest manifestation of The Ain Sof. In Hebrew G-d’s state of “Ain” – “nothing from nothing” is diametrically distinguished from the human ego state of “Ani” – something from nothing[2]. G-d’s essence exists outside of all the realms and all the universes that we can ever know. So how does G-d exist everywhere? How does He manifest Himself in the science of our world in the physical universe we call home?

Consider the following: G-d willed the infinite to accommodate and contain the finite, by transcending it to a point well beyond our scientifically restricted imaginations. This event, gave rise to a central infinitesimal singularity, teetering on the realm of the desire to return to its infinite state. However, only the infinite is absolute, everything else is finite requiring an external force to maintain its state at all times, bounded in some way. Everything finite is rooted in the infinite by the tendency of its energy to return to an un-bounded pre-infinite state, but it is not infinite because, in the absence of G-d’s external force, it never possessed the capacity to become infinite. Therefore, when anything finite is influenced by a finite external force that enables it to approach the point of infinity, progressing to enter the realm of the infinite will cause an event that will revert to its finite form.

Recent theories that appear to be gaining general support in the scientific community propose dimensional shapes and strings that connect sub atomic world substructures forming multiple new dimensions. These new dimensions do not necessarily conform to the laws of physics as commonly defined, so new laws are being sought to retrospectively fit within our current logical construct to make sense of these revelations. The sub atomic components and the dimensional strings that join them are beginning to resolve one of the biggest modern scientific mysteries, the puzzle of all matter, including dark energy and dark matter, the pieces that would solve the problems of the missing mass of our universal equation.

The enormously detailed teachings of Kabbalah: to receive, pre-defines the construct of many modern scientific conceptions. Most remarkably these teachings date back to the earliest books of the Torah and prior, to the time of Abraham and Adam[3]. To appreciate the Kabbalah in context of our secular scientific and materialistic perspectives, one must look back to the ancient literary works that reveal the identity of 3 lower universal realms each of which progressively shield our physical universe from the impact of G-d’s Infinite Heavenly Light emanating from His upper world realm and that which is beyond. The light of the Ain Sof is reduced in its intensity at each regressive realm. Ten cascading spiritual vessels know as the Ten Sefirot (see Sefirot link in right hand margin), each containing proportions of G-d’s Spiritual Light, each a carrier penetrating the length, breadth and depth of each realm and the universe in which we live, carrying the essence of His spirituality into the soul and spirit of man and all life. Our direct spiritual descendency from G-d, through each of 3 lower universal realms and the 7 lower Sefirot, permanently connect us through each spiritual layer and each of the cascading vessels ultimately ascending to the Ain Sof (The Infinite Being).

In the highest universal realm of Azilut (Emanation) the spiritual energy of all Sefirot originate, continuously pulsating, they run and return to receive nurture and replenishment from their higher source.

Figure 1 -A Kabbalistic artwork depicting the realm of The Ain Sof (אין סוף) outside and removed from the concentric rings of the Seffirot and universal realms before the shattering of the vessels.

Keter, the 10th Sefirot, is associated with the spiritual realm known as Adam Kadmon. This corresponds to the skull (the most outer layer of the vessel / attribute) of Keter[4] where the final details were complete, contained and the first universal constriction originated. Keter is said to be closest to G-d and therefore represents good. Below it the vessels of the Chokmah, the 9th and Binah, the 8th Sefirot originate in their spiritual manifestation. Thereafter, seven Sefirot originate in the next lower universal realm of Beriyah (Creation – Something from nothing[5]) where they were originally contained as individual Sefirot (vessels) until the penetrating energy of the Ain Sof became too great to retain causing the vessels to shatter, then to be rectified by finally regressing to their state of re-bounded containment in the lower spiritual realm of Yetzirah (Formation – Something from something[6]). By this the infinitesimally small connection to the Ain Sof was finally prepared and made ready for our universal realm of Asiyah (Action - Completion[7]). At the time that the vessels shattered there occurred a further division and separation in the highest world of Azilut this sealed our inability to have a direct and absolute spiritual and physical connection to The Ain Sof (The Life Force) instead His manifestations of reduced light retain their direct connection to us and them to Him. The journey of G-d’s physical presence through the universal realms and the Sefirot closely resembles the progression of many scientific theories that are just beginning to crystallize.

Figure - Geometry of the 231[8] gates. This illustrates the pulsating energy heart of creation derived by a combination of the array of all 22 Hebrew Letters, on the outer points of the circle, representing the pure energy form of each Hebrew letter as it is potentially connected to all of the other Hebrew Letters. The 231 Gates is referred to in ancient Kabbalistic meditations and is thought to be the spiritual foundation for all creative forces.

At the sub atomic levels of our physical universe scientists theorize that string dimensions connect the inner realms of atoms with other atomic realms forming long interconnected dimensional chains theoretically enabling communication to occur between the inner sub atomic spaces of particles. This is the cutting edge of science, yet Kabbalah wrote of these concepts more than 2000 year ago. So just what are these particles communicating? What are they coordinating? What do they enable? How was Kabbalah able to articulate these ideas at such an early stage?

When we think of G-d, we often look to the skies, thinking He is everywhere bigger than everything, but we seldom think of G-d as also being everywhere smaller than anything. Perhaps if we did we would realize that there is no real distance between ourselves and G-d in a physical sense, that distance is a perception of our own minds, because G-d in the physical and G-d in the spiritual dimension exists in parallel inside and outside of every atomic molecule of our bodies.[9] We have come to realize that dimensional strings chain everything by permeating the very essence of all that we know and all that we don’t yet know. Their connectivity stretches well beyond our bounded physical universe into the realm of new dimensions that we can only conceive in computer simulations. These structures and strings make up the mass of space, the jelly in which we live. Operating in their dimension, they vibrate, agitate, reverberate, contort and conform to the energies that influence them and influence everything connected through them. Like the 10 Sefirot and the 22 paths being present in everything spiritual and physical, these newly discovered dimensions penetrate all, connecting to the source of our Life Force in the infinite realm where everything, through them, ultimately responds to the oscillating energies of The Great Ain Sof[10]. It has become known to scientists engaged in String and Superstring Theory that either 6, 10 or 26 dimensions are required to support the theories. You will discover the importance of each of these numbers to the teachings of Kabbalah as you continue reading.

The Ain Sof, existing in the infinite realm, impacts on every atom in our universe and beyond. Oscillations that emanate by the Will of G-d invite our response, affect our lives shaping man and nature. In G-d’s ultimate state of ’nothingness’ His state is undisturbed. This is the perfected state, the state to which we all aspire in life and hope that in death we will experience in even the smallest way. The Ain Sof’s slightest reverberation is enough to cause massive ramification to the way all sub atomic and atomic particles behave. Our connections to G-d are therefore sourced in His dimension, and by our connection to it, it becomes the overall driving force for man on earth. We are truly G-d’s children tethered by umbilical cords of the sub atomic dimension that reach the boundaries of the infinite world of the Ain Sof.

With this two-way[11], parallel understanding of the physical and the spiritual we begin to appreciate the transcendence of our soulful essence as distinguished from our physical form. We see that we are connected to and can ultimately synchronize with and return to a dimension closer to G-d. During our time on earth those of us whose physical actions and energies are aligned to those of our higher spiritual purpose will cause our souls to be elevated reaching closer to G-d, connecting with Him and drawing toward His ultimate manifestation. Our personal purity and holiness satisfies Him!

We are approaching the 7th millennium, when it is prophesized that we will begin to understand G-d at a level that allows those of us who are open to receive, to reconcile the knowledge we have gained with the path that G-d set for all of us some 5800 years ago, only this time we will all recognize that the worlds of science and the world of G-d are inseparable. When our energies align to become synchronized and the aggregate chaos of our lives begins to subside He will be drawn toward us at an increasing rate shining His Supernal Light so that we may reach the perfected earth state that will lead to events described in the Torah as the coming of the Messiah. A time when we realize that science, technology and spirituality are inextricably linked and where mainstream populations of the world begin to discover truth in the purpose of their lives at faster and faster rates.

Next time you think of G-d, think small, think very small, think within your physical being to your inner spiritual sanctum, perhaps that will help you to connect and when you do you will be one more in number to synchronize your being with G-d’s infinite energy. As this happens G-d begins to reap the benefits of His plan, pleasing Himself through the actions of man, actions that must lead to a better world, a world in which we must first defeat of all that is evil!

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Isaac Mozeson said...

The 3rd word of Genesis, the Divine subject of the creating verb, is Aleph-Lamed-Hey-Yod-Mem.

The gematria, numerical equivalent, of this word for the Creator is the same as the word for nature.

Those scientists who are atheists or agnostics may not be particulary intuitive, but they are correct in that our Creator has chosen, in His words, "to hide his face."

We are in a vast game of hide and seek.

It is entertaining to our Creator to watch his intelligent humans with Free Will, and to see how they act and believe -- after He has bothered to sustain a priestly tribe and to present them with Revelation in a language and form that could not possibly be human.

The universe fits this divine game theory. We may be able to amuse our Creator for a few more decades as we play out our game, and decide on our own if there is a God who created Man, or men who created gods.

But even the Infinite Ain Sof runs out of quarters or patience to continue the game. We are promised a new old phase of the game that will take Man back to the God-consciousness we had in Eden.

This new era won't just be a deus ex machina, like the words "Game Over" flashing in the night sky. The Creator, in an Information Age to appear by the year 5750, will guide a few people to develop the right data, programs, and applications that will engage human intelligence and Free Will, so that they may choose life and the Lifegiver... and win the game.

Watch this blog for these historic developments.

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