Friday, October 27, 2006

Universal Logic

The following is a translation from The Zohar (Soncini Press – volume 4 of 5), Vayaqhel (Exodus) [203a], concerning the giving of the laws of Sabbath by Moses at Mount Sinai.

The Zohar is a compilation of the written works of the teachings of Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai, one of Israel’s most beloved Rabbis who lived at the time of the destruction of the second temple, at the beginning of the Common Era, almost 2000 years before our modern scientific era. At one stage of his life, he spent 13 years living in a cave deeply meditating the mystical meaning of words of Torah. After this he and his followers discussed the inner meanings of many of Torah's esoteric phrases and the words of Israel’s prophets, sages and kings.

Several important understandings of Zohar are lost in translation from Aramaic (the common language used in Jerusalem at the time) to English, therefore the following passage ought to be read with caution because only its original form accurately depicts its meaning;

…Then after the guilty ones were put to death, Moses assembled the children of Israel separately and gave them the Sabbath anew, saying: “Six days shall work be done…Ye shall kindle no fire throughout your habitations upon the Sabbath day.” Herein lies the mystery of the Sabbath, the supreme mystery that is only revealed to those versed in the Supreme Wisdom. On the sixth day, when the time of evening arrives, a brilliant star appears in the north accompanied by seventy other stars. That star smites the others, absorbing them all into itself, so that one takes the place of seventy. The same star then becomes enlarged, and is made into a fiery mass then extends itself round a thousand thousand mountains, becoming in the process a mere thread. After this the fiery mass draws out from within itself a variety of colors. The first is a green color. When that color appears, the fiery mass raises itself and plunges into the midst of the green color, occupying the inner part of it. Then the fiery mass of the star attracts within itself the white color. Then it ascends on high and plunges again in the midst of that color, occupying its interior. The same is repeated with the whole gamut of colors, all of which it thrusts outside, concentrating itself more and more in the middle until it approaches the hidden point to derive light therefrom…

…[203b] Of the other cloud it is written: ”And the cloud of the Lord was over them by day” (Num. X,34), also, “and thy cloud standeth over them” (Ibid.XIV,14) indicating the bright and luminous cloud wherin there are visible all varieties of light. But this cloud is a cloud of utter darkness that prevents any light whatever from penetrating through it. Really it is insignificant, but it is called a “great cloud” when it obtains sway. Alternatively it is called “great” on account of its darkness, which is so intense that it hides and makes invisible all the sources of light, thus overshadowing the whole world….

…and because the brightness is within, the verse continues, “and out of the midst therefore”, to wit, of the midst of that brightness, “as the form of hashmal” (electrum). The term hashmal has been interpreted as being composed of ‘hash’ and ‘mal’ meaning Hayoth (order of angels), of quivering fire.

As mans ability to accurately theorize sub atomic space improve, the science of the very large and the very small begin to converge. Scientists continue to grapple with subjects like the capacity for energy to escape the enormously powerful gravitational pull of a black holes intensely dense disappearing center, which has caused many in the past to speculate;

…that black holes lead to bubble universes, perhaps untold numbers of other universes that exist by virtue of their dense singularity at the center, which may, in turn, lead to other universal creations;

…or that black holes consume everything in their midst and that our universe as a result of its expansion will one day fizzle out to a void of dark nothingness;

…or that black holes are a time warp to new dimensions that remain connected in some way to our universe and that dimension, like a bubble universe, continues to be connected by the umbilical with its opening at the black hole.

Many theories exist, but recent astronomical observations suggest that black holes may be giant regulators of our universal mass. Black holes may ‘convert’ matter by unlocking all of the bounded energies contained by the mass of planets, asteroids, stars and their particles in an ongoing process of creation and re-creation. A black hole forms at the center of the collapsing remnant of a star’s imploding core when its gaseous plume, the star’s remaining mass, rapidly falls in on itself from the extremities of its expansive spherical circumference toward its center. As the increasingly dense center of this dark sphere forms it traps everything, including light, within its gravitational horizon completely enveloping the events within, marking the end of all that we can see.

This rapidly transforming matter travels with increasing speed inward on itself, toward the point of a singularity at the collapsing stars sub atomic center. On its way to formation, atom by atom, matter is atomically stripped to its barest essential sub-atomic components, as it approaches a velocity well beyond the speed of light. The inwardly warping sub atomic matter continues to gain pace until, at around ‘the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light (approx 90,000,000 kilometers per second), by Einstein’s famous E=mc2, the super-small subatomic partners of atomic matter, at the frontline of this inwardly collapsing phenomena, are unbounded to become ‘independent’ waves of energy, which are dissipated through the dimensionally connected epicenter of the black hole[1]. Therefore, if it is possible that matter may be reprocessed into purified energy and delivered in its most rudimentary form back to the universe in which we live it stands to reason that the reverse may also be true.

Under these circumstances the physical mass of our universal realm can be reduced to the energy form of its origin. In other words, matter is bounded energy (energy binding energy), which can be unbound when it returns to its lowest finite energy denominator, a pre-requisite in the process of creation where energy is converted to its material form. This theory gains support from the elements we find in nature where elemental atomic structures, defined in the periodic table, occur exclusively by natural arrangement and cannot be reproduced synthetically. Only the hand of G-d, in nature, pre-determined the physics required to create each element and each of these arrangements must conform to the essential aspect of energy in its original state.

In this model all energy, in its most primitive form, possesses only the capacity to return to this finite form, not the capacity to return to the form of its infinite origin, because this is not what our Creator intended for it. This immediate post-infinite (lowest denominator) energy form is the true origin of our physical mass / energy universe that emerged following the moment of G-d’s constriction of the infinite, the constriction that gave rise to the formation of the spiritual realms to shield us from the intensity of G-d’s Divine Spiritual Light[2]. Our imaginations can only try to grasp the myriad of possibilities that exist in the bridge[3] between the spiritual and the physical, but at the extreme margins of the mass/energy at the epicenter of a black hole, we may, in some small way, be beginning to perceive these connected states.

The physical and spiritual are distinguished by G-d being in a concealed or revealed state, whilst the revelation of G-d is determined by our free will decisions that orient the energies of good or evil. Much like black holes process physical matter returning them to their original energy state, people are capable of processing spiritual forces, returning them to their original spiritual states[4]. In an analogous super structure, the physical and spiritual are patterned and referenced throughout the Kabbalistic texts. In essence Kabbalah is the grand unified theory of everything. In the spiritual sense, there are numerous texts that focus their attention on the presence of good and evil and its manifestation in thought and spirit. One of the most famous works is Tanya, a compilation of teachings from the lineage of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745).

Tanya teaches creation, in a predominantly spiritual sense, as manifest in mans divine psychology formed in the image of G-d. In a similar pattern to creation of the physical, influence from the higher worlds is brought down through descending spiritual worlds to affect us in everyday life. In essence the side of good and evil is always prevalent and mans ability to create conditions that lead to positive outcomes for humanity, in line with G-d’s divine plan, depends upon the application of free choice. Similarly, G-d determined to create the heavens and the earth and He created man in the image of G-d for His glory. G-d’s constriction of the infinite to bring about a physical creation is paralleled to mans’ psychological ability to constrict divine energy to ‘bring down’ a thought through the higher spiritual realms of the soul into the physical mind. The mind focuses by a process of continuing constrictions of divine energy converting thought into speech and finally action in the lower physical world where the balance between good and evil is defined. In essence, mans ability in this continuous process of creation determines the state of holiness of the lower world. The express objective of man is to enable a unification of higher and lower.

There are no greater people on earth than those who are the spiritual black holes of society, the most righteous of people – The Complete Tzadik or completely righteous person. These are the souls who have an acute hatred and heightened disregard for anything evil[5]. These are the people who process more evil through them than any others. They take on board evil spirits, evil garments in the lower worlds, the toughest cases, converting evil into spiritual energies that are good. Their bodies and minds are conditioned such that their unity is elevated to realms of purity which enables them to survive the processes required to fulfill their purpose. Many of us ordinary folk also possess some of this power, but we are often overwhelmed and overcome by evil forces, not knowing or not being aware of the temptations that confront us, instead we go along with the flow, offering no resistance giving in to even the weakest forces of darkness.

The continuous conversion of good to evil[6] or evil to good is the fuel that powers the engine room of the lower spiritual worlds. Society will progressively become aware of this in years to come as the psychology of man matures. Each person will learn to make themselves into a spiritual black hole to participate more actively in the recognition and conversion of evil forces to the side of good for the sake and benefit of their soul and all souls according to the plan of our Maker.

The word Elokim (out of respect ‘k’ replaces ‘h’) (א׳ל׳ה׳י׳ם) is the name of G-d which is stated 32 times in the first chapter of Genesis. This name describes His divine power to conceal the revelation of His Light from the lower worlds. In numerical terms the name (Elokim) א׳ל׳ה׳י׳ם = 86 = הטבע (hatavah; the nature)[7], in other words the named state of G-d, most responsible for creation, is equal to the value of the word for nature.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Great Struggle

Infinitely before our universal clock began to tick, beyond concepts of space and time their is only G-d in His absolute unified state[1]; able to do and able not to do[2]. His eternal ‘I’ state, desires toward His ‘able to do’[3] side to dominate over His ‘able not to do’ side to shine His eternal and infinite light on Himself[4] and ‘other’[5][6][7]. ‘Other’? Not yet in existence G-d, in His penultimate state, took delight in His concept of His Light and also in The Light, which arose from His desire to illuminate for the sake of 'other'(s)[8].

By this He established The Nature of His Will in order to be the Creator and King of all that were to come[9]. The instant following the establishment of His Will, to create man (other) in His image, G-d radiates that which is good (able to do) and that which is evil (able not to do) to and through the spiritual realms from where our souls, our universe and ultimately man is created.

Without affect to His Essence, G-ds’ loving desire, to shine His light on ‘other’, spurred a folding and separation of the higher realms, establishing the lower realms, symbolically joined by ‘13 fountains’[10]. Then, He constricted His Infinite force, altering the balance of all order, changing the form of His perfect ubiquitous, Infinite Eternal Light to give birth to the pre-finite in which the ultimate struggle between dark and light, evil and good, left and right would begin.

In Kabbalistic literature the flow and vitality of G‑dliness is termed 'light' rather than 'flux', as it is termed in Jewish speculative philosophy (chakirah). 'Light' signifies 'revelation out of concealment': previously the light had been concealed within the luminary and subsequently it is drawn forth from this source and is revealed as 'light'. Thus, in the case of 'revelation out of concealment', only a minute illumination of the source is drawn down into a revealed state.

G-d calculated carefully before He established His will[11] and favor over the side of good. Then, from a central point, He removed His light and that of His Will creating a dark spiritual void by constricting His infinite dimension, to accommodate the void, forming a massive finite sphere[12]. From His Essence, through the outermost Light (Atzilut), a thin Ray of Intense Light (Kav - the illuminating 'Life Force') is drawn to the centre of the void filling it with His direct Spiritual Light. In decreasing intensity, through three [13] spherical lower realms (Beriyah, Yetzirah, Asiyah), 10 cascading[14] energies flow from the outermost by the Ray that penetrates each realm. In the outermost finite realm His sensitive eternal light (Beriyah), He established the origin of the vessels of the soul in which the push-pull struggle between good and evil would be played out until the point at which G-d’s decision would ultimately yield its intended dividend. That point would be the restoration of the perfected soul of man, the point where good prevails over evil[15], where the left is enjoined to the right and the lower worlds unite with the upper[16].

With the awakening of His desire, His Will, His eternal light, His removal from and His constriction of that light[17], the side of evil was also aroused seeking to gain His favor. Instantly G-d’s celestial angels of the dark side desired to extinguish all traces of the eternal light in order that evil may dominate its own infinite realm by extinguishing light and therefore any ability for G-d to favor it.

At the precise moment of G-d’s initial constriction the infinite was willed to co-exist with the finite spiritual realms that filled the void where the precursors to our dimensions of time and space began. Here the Divine energies live and flourish, behaving in ways that relate directly to their designated purpose in each of three realms and the fourth outermost realm of Atzilut. At the moment G-d’s thin Ray of Intense Energy determined the singular centre of the void, the point at which our universe was created, the pre-creation battle between the forces of light (good) and dark (evil) climaxed and G-d’s primordial laws of science became increasingly more critical to the ultimate spiritual outcome in the increment immediately before the manifestation of the physical.

In the strictest of physical terms G-d’s calculations, reflecting His favor toward good, were at the penultimate point of physical realization. At this singularity, in which G-d’s Light were contained, the forces of darkness made one last attempt to eradicate, from the barest of pre-universal space, the concealed remnants of His constricted eternal light. Just one wrong calculation, at scales that are well beyond any and all of our capacities of comprehension and G-d’s plan would have failed. However, as all people of faith know and have complete comfort with, there was never any chance, even the slightest chance, that a different outcome could have eventuated, yet the forces of darkness were free in their quest to dominate.

The Divine life-force is concealed, garbed in many garments so that lower realms can exist without being nullified. This concealment involves not only a multitudinous profusion of garments — a quantitative manner of concealment — but a qualitative one as well: As the realms descend, there becomes a significant difference between the simpler garments required to conceal the vitality in the higher worlds and the much denser garments necessary to conceal G‑d’s intense vitality so that creation of the physical can become possible.

In the spiritual dimension, before our universal clock started to tick, amongst the extreme holy conditions of our soon to be physical finite realm, the dark force attempting to dominate, prevail and penetrate the absolute realm of good established the very conditions that The Lord G-d = (י'ה'ו'ה א'ל'ה'י'ם) = (112) had originally ordained. A condition that would lead to reversal and massive inflationary physical force, the moment now referred to by science as the Big Bang[18]!

From mans point of view this would be the beginning of the long struggle. His desire, His concepts, His Will, His arrangement of the spiritual, His arousal of evil, His manipulation and oscillation of the physical and His plan for creation and the birth of man are some of the facets that describe the ultimate battle between good and evil. The battle for the lowest spiritual and universal realm, the ultimate struggle where evil would be set free to oppose the forces of good with man’s soul as G-d’s chosen vessel, His ultimate adjudicator and benefactor.

This was to reveal G-d’s plan to establish man as His creation, a body and soul imbued with a ‘free will’[19], in His image, to ultimately harmonize with Him as He had desired. The harmonious unification in His universal realms, by a process of truth, righteousness purification and holiness would enable man to overcome and elevate the dark forces of evil to finally and infinitely be united with G-d[20].

After G-d cleaved[21] the feminine soul of Eve from Adam’s left side[22], Adam continued to be guided by his right side representing the holy wisdom and the predominance of mercy and kindness in his masculine soul. Confronted by the revelation of Eve’s acute and holy feminine awareness, her desire to know, to understand and judge, emanating from her dominant left side, Adam was left to make a determination. Should they remain in their perfected state, in the Garden of Eden, or should he follow her desire to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge thereby exiting his state of complete submission to G-d’s higher wisdom, the only state that was known to him at that time[23]. By surrendering to the desire of their feminine attributes (the left side) they both reached decisions, by their ‘free will’, thus beginning an un-tethered journey through an unknown world in their quest for the forbidden knowledge. In this new ‘forbidden’ world, only the predominant elevation of evil would enable mans permanent return to the ‘able to do’ side of the right, in the Garden of our earthly plain. Only then would G-d return to instantly elevate the spiritual, lifting the physical conditions that were about to be imposed on them.

Adam’s complete love of G-d led him to eat of the forbidden fruit[24]. He decided that Eve’s G-d given powers, for understanding and perceiving concealed knowledge, were far greater than his and it was his absolute love and faith in G-d, the source of their unified souls and his deep wisdom that caused him to choose the affirmative. This was the only choice that truly respected G-d’s purpose in His creating Eve. As they left their perfected spiritual state in the Garden of Eden, exposing themselves to the nakedness of the lowest spiritual and physical realm, the ‘free will’ journey of the future of man was declared. The journey back to the perfected state would first require the ultimate nullification of souls, through them and their descendants, to elevate the scattered evil unlocked and dispersed by their decision to favor ‘free will’ over G-d’s will.

Our responsibility to G-d and our fellow man is great!

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Monday, October 16, 2006

In the Beginning

How many times in your life have you used the term 'infinity' as if we know its meaning? Even thought it exists only by the theories of science, math, the spiritual, the mystical, perception and by our simplistic references to it, to this day man knows no physical condition that is infinite.

The energies of a Hydrogen bomb or those massive particle accelerators that force sub-atomic collisions, for the universal scale analysis of scientists, can hardly be considered infinite especially since we don't have the equipment to measure energy beyond the currently recorded lowest state of its atomic decay. Massive collisions of star systems, galactic explosions, implosions, merging galaxies and black holes are very large indeed, but they can hardly be called infinite.

By definition, infinity must embrace everything that we know and everything we don't know. Beyond the finite of our universal realm, forever enveloping everything and anything in its multi dimensional path, nothing can possibly disturb infinities' voracious perpetual reach. It must, by definition, be the perfected state capable of sustaining its' ever present form. The Infinite is an endless energy state, it is borderless, has no boundaries and no dimensions yet, by its very definition, it must, simultaneously, be infinitely small and infinitely big.

Since we do not know of anything that is infinite, only our imaginations can provide the fodder to feed our intellectual probes, but most, if not all, agree that somewhere The Infinite state exists.

If we are 'finite' physical beings or if the universe is some figment of some single or collective imagination, or spiritual state, then one must logically conclude something pre-exists either state in order that it could be brought into existence. If one assumes our presence in this world is imaginary or spiritual, then something must exist in a spiritual sense that gives rise to our common ability to imagine our own existence. Either way something before our universe must have existed[1].

As more is revealed through the evolving technologies of science, the exhaustive interests of physicists, mathematicians and chemists moves beyond the boundaries of our universe to the serious questions that lie outside the realm of the known. Questions like these place science on a path that converges it with mystical and spiritual for as it reaches the limit of practical proof it begins to deal with the unknown, which has been the exclusive domain of religion and the spiritual. Therefore, to intellectually analyze our existence we must first answer; from where or what do we emerge?

It's important to understand that your physical presence in space has an effect on all surrounding space; Einstein defined this in his Theory of Relativity.

Imagine our entire universe to be nothing more than the internal space of a tiny atomic sized dot on a celestial scale much, much bigger than anything you can possibly perceive. Using this analogy, lets say that everything our astronomers have seen and everything we know is contained within that dot, a small physical space of some greater universal condition, which is of a massively giant scale, much greater than that of our universe. Our universe is then a tiny subset of something much bigger, even though we presently perceive it as being gigantic. How many iterations of this analogy need to be extended before the ultimate question arises ; what came before all that we can possibly contemplate?

Inevitably one must conclude that something existed before the beginning of man's definition of finite time, which science suggests took place some 13-15 billion years ago. Sometime, somewhere, someplace or no-place before this point one can only conceive the infinite and mans emergence from it.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Spiritual Realm

When thinking about our spiritual origin we are naturally led to question the origin of 'thought' since 'thought' must emanate from somewhere, but where? To discover answers we are compelled to journey inward through our conscious to the super conscious and beyond. Many religions and cultures practice highly regarded methods for reaching these inward states of mind. Religions focus almost all attention on the inner sanctum through prayer and meditation and on drawing 'G-d's' energies from the outer sanctum, proposing that the union of inner and outer, higher and lower their goal.

Reviewing numerous sources, it quickly becomes evident that Judaism is the oldest and most comprehensively documented religion, albeit that most of the works are not yet translated from Hebrew. Here more volumes of intricately detailed works are devoted to the inner sanctum of the soul than in all other religions combined. More than 16000 volumes of recognized works deal with every aspect, every detailed analysis of the oral and the written Torah extracting from it derivative teachings and commentaries on the soul.

In reality, Jewish religious philosophy presents a departure from the views that mainstream modern society has characterized it to be. At its depths are the pillars that describe G-d's entire plan and mans role in it. In the essential process man receives the gift of life, a soul, mind and body with free will, as tools for navigating life on earth, the lowesspiritualal realm, the realm of greatest potential. The soul, assigned to a body at birth, has specific characteristics. Free will (choice) impacts the bodies ability to realize the souls fullest potential, its highest possible state[1]. Our young mind cannot become truly aware of its soul until the age of 20[2]. So, here we have the entity of soul that is prescribed by G-d to the embryo at inception. The soul completes its infusion in the body (through the blood) by being 1) crowned eight[3] days after birth[4] together with its pre-existing[5] attributes of 2) wisdom, 3) understanding, 4) compassion, 5) strength, 6) perfection, 7) eternity, 8) greatness, 9) foundation and 10) kingship, each of these and their derivative combinations are contained in the soul that you received at birth [see Sefirot link where attribute descriptions vary]. The mind and body cares for the soul, nurtures it and enables it to reach a higher state so that it can be perfected in order to reach its destined place in the scheme of G-d's perfect holy state.

Like the flame of a candle that burns its fuel, at times extending, reaching higher, at other times subdued nearing itextinguisheded state only to be revived and reach higher than ever before. Our soul can be compared to a flame fueled by the decisions of our free will.

The soul is a tremendously complex entity, the vital aspect of our essential presence. Like thcolorsrs that burn in a flame, it consists of five levels of which the lower three connect with our physical bodies. Here the Nefesh and the Ruach, the animal spirit anspiritit of the heart (emotions) are embodied within the Neshamah, the divine soul of the mind all of which are assigned to a body. In the higher realms the Chayah (Living Essence) and Yechidah (Unique Essence) connect the soul of the lower world. The soul is susceptible to the most sensitive and imperceptible spiritual energies, it is able to communicate, it is alive and it is always responding.

Like a ships (the body) navigation system (the soul) provides its captain (the mind) information, which by correctly applied free will, guides it through ocean waters to arrive at its destination. Only the soul enables us to perceive G-d's guidance that we can successfully navigate our conscious world.

The soul receives and the soul transmits. Its attachment to our body and brain afford us the opportunity to perceive its inner workings, but only by concentrated focus. A myriad of gateways in the mind and the body enable a conscious connection to the soul, each must be opened by a conscious effort in thought, speech and action in order that the body may facilitate the soul to realize its full potential, to flame to its highest peak. Only by the correct application of 'free will', by pursuing a synchronized spiritual and psychological approach, can this occur. The souls construct parallels the physical attributes of Intellect, Emotion, Thought, Speech and Action, terms with which most of us are more familiar.

Everyone can recall an experience after which you ask; why did you do that or why did you think that? Why did you think about buying a dress? Why did you think about eating a cake? Why did you think about buying a car? Why did you think how ridiculous she looked? Why did you think about sex with a person? Why did you help that poor person? Why did you look at that car? Why did you do a double take? Why did you write someone an email? Why do we buy flowers for people? Why do we celebrate? Why do we mourn?

Each thought, word and act has a direct bearing on your soul. It is the homing device built into the physical being, the device used to navigate to the place it ultimately wants to be, the device to which our conscious thoughts can better respond by being more sensitive to its indications. Most times our lack of conscious sensitivity causes us to override the soul's direction because our busy mind does not hear its true sub-conscious state, we are simply unable to 'hear' what the soul is saying. How can we possibly steer ourselves in life if we are unable to tune into the wisdom, purity and guidance of the soul that most of us believe we possess?

We cannot!

People whose daily lives are bathed in the noise of their material (physical) mental anguish (and that's most of us), are unable to 'see the voices[6]', the guidance, that the soul provides. In this world, on planet earth, we wander around aimlessly, pained by the pretence of our seemingly productive lives, expecting to pass to the next world where we hope the noise will disappear. So long as we do not subdue the noise, the perfected path of our soul will remain concealed from each of us and we will fail to achieve the task G-d set for each of us due to the ineffective application of our 'free will'.

Those who cherish the soul's very existence honor its purpose. Those who truly understand it will return it to its Maker in its elevated spiritual state, brought only by the correct application of 'free will'.

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