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Patterns in Creation

1) Hebrew letter followed by its 2) order in the 22 letters (ordinal number), 3) its numerical value and 4) its transliterated name.

G-d used the energies attributed to each Hebrew letter to create the spiritual attributes of Heaven and the physical attributes of Earth. Those energies, reflected in each letter, are the source of Hebrew, which became the shared source for interpreted languages in use around the world today.

To discover more, we will focus only on the first 7 words of the Torah, which reveal more than simply meets the eye.

Creation occurred over a period of 6 days. Kabbalah segments[1] the first day as being energies from the side of the right followed on the second day by energies of the left. Both days occurred when creations process was not sufficiently complete to establish the foundation for life, but on the third day the energies of the left were drawn toward the right[2] in order to establish the center; balance and foundation. It was on this day that the earth was revealed above the water. Up to this point only 3 of the 4 elements necessary for human life were exposed, they were water, fire and air[3]. On the third day earth’s surface was exposed, above the water, dry land appeared and G-d created the perfected environment for an abundance of plant life to thrive. The third day is the letter gimel ג equals 3; the creation of the center, foundation, balance and stability from chaos, the concept of a triangle emerges from this point.

The root word for gimel - גמל (more on this number follows) = 3 + 30 + 40 = 73 or by its ordinal value = 3rd letter + 13th letter + 12th letter = 28, projecting the foundation onto the 28 letters in this first verse of creation; the completion of stability on the third day.

The total value for each of the 7 words of the first verse of Genesis = 2701.

The total of the first letter of each of the 7 words, is 2+2+1+1+5+6+5 = 22, equivalent to the total number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet all of which fall between the letters את (Aleph - the 1st letter and Taf - the 22nd letter) found in the 4th word, the mid point of these first 7 words.

The first word has 6 letters. Mathematically six is the first Perfect Number. A Perfect Number is one that is equal to the sum of all its positive whole numbers that can exactly divide into it, up to but excluding itself, in this case 1+2+3.

Within the first word we find the date on which creation was completed in the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar. The month is known as Tishrei (תשרי), the 7th day of Creation is the first Sabbath, the day on which G-d rested and bestowed His blessings, the day of Adam’s birth, the day the nation of Israel was conceived, the day Sarah (Abrahams wife) died and the day the Torah was received by the Jewish people at Mount Sinai. The 1st of Tishrei is written, א בתשרי (Alef B’ Tishrei), it is a reorganization of the exact letters found in the first word of the Torah (B’reishit) בראשית.

In the first verse, the letter aleph א appears in each word except the fifth word (the heavens). It is found in six letter positions, 3rd+9th+10th+15th+23rd+26th = 86 = א 'ל 'ה 'י 'ם (Elokim) the name of G-d stated 32 times in the first verse of Genesis[4].

All known Perfect Numbers are even and triangular. Six is the 3rd triangular number illustrated bellow by virtue of its 3 rows of number bricks of 6 numbers with 3 numbers at its base.

There are a total of 28 letters in this first verse - 28 is the 2nd Perfect Number and the 7th triangular number.

There are several geometries associated with the number 2701 - the numerical expression of Genesis 1:1 (2701 is obtained by adding together all values of each letter) - thus:

- The 37 x 73 rectangle = 2701 number bricks

- The 37 x 73 trapezium = 2701 number bricks

2701 is also the 73rd triangular number. It has 73 individual number bricks along its base. 37 is the whole number mid-brick of its base (36 + 1 (the tan brick at the base line) + 36 = 73).

Observe the geometrical compatibility in that the 37th triangle (tan), when inverted fits perfectly within the 73rd triangle leaving 3 equal blue triangles each with 666 number bricks (the 36th triangle) and the tan triangle of 703 tan number bricks (the 37th triangle).

Note the boundaries of each of these smaller blue triangles each comprise exactly 216 (blue bricks on their perimeter, which can be expressed as 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 and may be rearranged into a stack to create the unique 6 x 6 x 6 cube depicted below:

Note: The 6x6x6 cube is the only cube known to have a superficial area (bricks on the outside face) that is numerically equal to its volume (total bricks in the stack).

The numbers 73 and 37 are related geometrically in two distinct ways as hexagrams and hexagons see below.

73 as Hexagram. . ..73 as Hexagram
37 as Hexagon (insert). . .37 as Hexagram (insert)

Consider the following:

The value of the [6th word] 407 + [7th word] 296 (each a multiple of 37) = 703 the 37th triangle or the rectangle of 37 x 19. We know 37 is the whole number midpoint of the 73rd triangle likewise, 19 is the whole number midpoint of the 37th triangle. Here we find a geometrical relationship of a kind similar to that shared by 37 and 73, thus:

19 and 37 as Hexagon(insert)... 19 as Hexagon (insert) with
with 73 as Hexagram... 37 (insert) and 73 as Hexagram

Finally the value 703 can be expressed as a symmetrical hexagon within the 'star of stars' expression of Genesis 1:1:

The 73 'stars' in this figure each represent 37as a hexagram. The inner hexagon of 19 (tan) thus represents 703 (i.e. the sum of words 6 and 7), and the hexagonal ring of 18 (colored purple) represents 666.

Whatever you make of this unique set of numbers, it is clear that the numerical relationship of the letters in the first verse and in every verse of the Torah cannot be the result of tampering or by the pre-conceived notions of Moses or any other ancient author that scholars of the secular world may attribute its genius to. Finally, illustrating, by geometry, the penetration of Torah wisdom in our autonomous existence, the four triangular diagrams below represent ancient symbols of the alchemists, which continue to be used today. They represent each of the 4 elements that must exist to create and sustain life. As you ponder these shapes mentally align the base of the Fire triangle on the midline of Earth, then do the same with Water and Air, finally converge the merged shapes into one to reveal the Star of David.

At the mystical center, the 4th and middle word (in the 7 words of the first verse of Genesis) is 'et' את equals 400 + 1 = 401. These are the first and the last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In a sense they stand alone in that the first verse can be read – “In the beginning G-d created[5] - ‘et’ – the heavens ‘v-et’ the earth”. In other words G-d first created ‘et’ and with ‘et’ came the heavens then with ‘v-et’ came the earth. This is a further insight to the thinking and meaning behind the mystical letters of Hebrew. Applying the same consideration to the 6th word ‘v-et’ ואת equals 400 + 1 + 6 = 407, the picture of G-d’s actions are clearly demonstrated because He formed the Heavens then connected them with ו - ‘v’(vav) = 6 to form the earth. The total of ‘et’ + ‘v-et’ or את ואת equals 808[6].

Removing the middle ‘et’ (fourth word) then subtracting the value of the first 3 words “In the beginning G-d created” from the value of the last 3 words “the heavens and the earth”, then 1202-1098 = 104. When divided by the 4 (elements) 104 / 4 = 26 = the number of G-d’s explicit name (The Tetragramaton - Y-H-V-H) י'ה'ו'ה, reflecting the elements that G-d created from the את ‘et’, by His mystical speech (energies), all of which are contained in the deeper significance of each of the Hebrew letters and from which the finite heavens and the earth were created.

Further analysis of the letter aleph א = (spelled)אלפ equals 80 + 30 + 1 = 111 and by its ordinal value 1st letter + 12th letter + 17th letter = 30 we are reminded that 3 (gimel – the third day, representing the left, the right and the center) x 37 (midpoint of the 73rd triangle) = 111. Analyzing the letter tav ת equals תו equals = 6+400 = 406 = 28th triangular number and by its ordinal value, 22nd letter + 6th letter = 28 reflecting on the 28 letters in the first verse of Genesis. Each ‘1’ of the aleph (1,1,1) refers to the 3 lower universal realms; the origin of all that is physical and spiritual in our world. By the application of the 3 unique letters in G-d’s name י'ה'ו (each a revealed dimension of time and space[7]) with the fourth letter ה being the digit that signifies higher and lower worlds, then 3 dimensional space in the higher and lower worlds reveals 6 dimensions[8] in all; 111 x 6 = 666 or the 36th triangle. It is primarily the numbers 36 and 37 in their triangular and squared forms that underpin the wisdom, strength and kindness revealed in creation through the words of the first verse of Genesis.

This gains further support when one analyzes the construct of the letter[9] (alef) א, representing the air that enables the synthesis[10] of fire and water to produce the 4th element, matter or earth. We can see that the letter alef is made up of a Yud י at the top (right) a Vav ו in the middle and a Yud י at the bottom (left) signifying the synthesis of the fire of heaven and the lower waters enabling the formation of earth and depicting creation.

It is well known in Kabbalah that the letters of the Tetragramaton, G-d’s explicit four letter name, represents all the dimensions through which energies flow in the physical world and the directions energies flow between the vessels (attributes) of the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, fire represents the radiation of energy the constant stream of thought that emerges by our desire to understand, water represents wisdom and our ability to absorb from spiritual energy and air is the medium through which these energies are transmitted. These energy flows and their respective attributes are represented in each letter in every word, which we use in every day life to express our thoughts by bringing those thoughts down from the higher spiritual worlds of our minds and souls into the physical world through the speaking actions of our mouth.

During creation “G-d said” and it came to be. It is possible that all wave energies, including light, emanate from a base sound wave principle and that that conversion from sound to light becomes possible at extreme and very particular frequencies. The principle sounds talked about in Kabbalah are the 10 Utterances which manifest in creation to derive physical objects by the spiritual Will of G-d. Here we are introduced to the importance of sound, the particular patterns that sound reflects and the use of letters and names that crystallize their particular sound energy. Edenics is a study that proposes the origin of all speech from the letters of Torah, which most people consider to be Hebrew. However, Modern Hebrew is a derivative of Torah Hebrew as are all other languages.

Edenics, the language of the Garden of Eden is rarely used other than for reading of Torah in synagogues and schools around the world, but hidden in its letters and words are the roots of the creative energy forces that G-d used to bring our world into existence, through sound. In every name of every object of our physical realm are the echoes of these Edenic sounds, these creative forces, G-d’s force that sustains existence and the finite from nullification by the infinite.

It only takes one of a myriad of examples to demonstrate how the morphing sounds of names or words, in various languages over the millennia, have caused the origin of Edenic words to be lost, but with careful work they can be recovered. The name for, ‘WORD’ in Edencis is DaVaR[11] (דור); by removing vowels D(ד)V(ו)R(ר) and applying known linguistic morphing it is revealed that DVR of Edenics eventually became VoRD (German / Yiddish) and finally WoRD (English).

Perhaps Hebrew’s recovery as the only language in history to come back from its 'dead' status to one that is now in daily active use, is a small sign that the world is finally ready to recognize THE language of its spiritual and physical origins.

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In the terminology of Kabbalah our universe exists in the spiritual realm of Asiyah[1], the lowest of G-d’s four universal realms that separate and protect man from being annihilated by the most intense spiritual light of G-d in its highest manifestation of The Ain Sof. In Hebrew G-d’s state of “Ain” – “nothing from nothing” is diametrically distinguished from the human ego state of “Ani” – something from nothing[2]. G-d’s essence exists outside of all the realms and all the universes that we can ever know. So how does G-d exist everywhere? How does He manifest Himself in the science of our world in the physical universe we call home?

Consider the following: G-d willed the infinite to accommodate and contain the finite, by transcending it to a point well beyond our scientifically restricted imaginations. This event, gave rise to a central infinitesimal singularity, teetering on the realm of the desire to return to its infinite state. However, only the infinite is absolute, everything else is finite requiring an external force to maintain its state at all times, bounded in some way. Everything finite is rooted in the infinite by the tendency of its energy to return to an un-bounded pre-infinite state, but it is not infinite because, in the absence of G-d’s external force, it never possessed the capacity to become infinite. Therefore, when anything finite is influenced by a finite external force that enables it to approach the point of infinity, progressing to enter the realm of the infinite will cause an event that will revert to its finite form.

Recent theories that appear to be gaining general support in the scientific community propose dimensional shapes and strings that connect sub atomic world substructures forming multiple new dimensions. These new dimensions do not necessarily conform to the laws of physics as commonly defined, so new laws are being sought to retrospectively fit within our current logical construct to make sense of these revelations. The sub atomic components and the dimensional strings that join them are beginning to resolve one of the biggest modern scientific mysteries, the puzzle of all matter, including dark energy and dark matter, the pieces that would solve the problems of the missing mass of our universal equation.

The enormously detailed teachings of Kabbalah: to receive, pre-defines the construct of many modern scientific conceptions. Most remarkably these teachings date back to the earliest books of the Torah and prior, to the time of Abraham and Adam[3]. To appreciate the Kabbalah in context of our secular scientific and materialistic perspectives, one must look back to the ancient literary works that reveal the identity of 3 lower universal realms each of which progressively shield our physical universe from the impact of G-d’s Infinite Heavenly Light emanating from His upper world realm and that which is beyond. The light of the Ain Sof is reduced in its intensity at each regressive realm. Ten cascading spiritual vessels know as the Ten Sefirot (see Sefirot link in right hand margin), each containing proportions of G-d’s Spiritual Light, each a carrier penetrating the length, breadth and depth of each realm and the universe in which we live, carrying the essence of His spirituality into the soul and spirit of man and all life. Our direct spiritual descendency from G-d, through each of 3 lower universal realms and the 7 lower Sefirot, permanently connect us through each spiritual layer and each of the cascading vessels ultimately ascending to the Ain Sof (The Infinite Being).

In the highest universal realm of Azilut (Emanation) the spiritual energy of all Sefirot originate, continuously pulsating, they run and return to receive nurture and replenishment from their higher source.

Figure 1 -A Kabbalistic artwork depicting the realm of The Ain Sof (אין סוף) outside and removed from the concentric rings of the Seffirot and universal realms before the shattering of the vessels.

Keter, the 10th Sefirot, is associated with the spiritual realm known as Adam Kadmon. This corresponds to the skull (the most outer layer of the vessel / attribute) of Keter[4] where the final details were complete, contained and the first universal constriction originated. Keter is said to be closest to G-d and therefore represents good. Below it the vessels of the Chokmah, the 9th and Binah, the 8th Sefirot originate in their spiritual manifestation. Thereafter, seven Sefirot originate in the next lower universal realm of Beriyah (Creation – Something from nothing[5]) where they were originally contained as individual Sefirot (vessels) until the penetrating energy of the Ain Sof became too great to retain causing the vessels to shatter, then to be rectified by finally regressing to their state of re-bounded containment in the lower spiritual realm of Yetzirah (Formation – Something from something[6]). By this the infinitesimally small connection to the Ain Sof was finally prepared and made ready for our universal realm of Asiyah (Action - Completion[7]). At the time that the vessels shattered there occurred a further division and separation in the highest world of Azilut this sealed our inability to have a direct and absolute spiritual and physical connection to The Ain Sof (The Life Force) instead His manifestations of reduced light retain their direct connection to us and them to Him. The journey of G-d’s physical presence through the universal realms and the Sefirot closely resembles the progression of many scientific theories that are just beginning to crystallize.

Figure - Geometry of the 231[8] gates. This illustrates the pulsating energy heart of creation derived by a combination of the array of all 22 Hebrew Letters, on the outer points of the circle, representing the pure energy form of each Hebrew letter as it is potentially connected to all of the other Hebrew Letters. The 231 Gates is referred to in ancient Kabbalistic meditations and is thought to be the spiritual foundation for all creative forces.

At the sub atomic levels of our physical universe scientists theorize that string dimensions connect the inner realms of atoms with other atomic realms forming long interconnected dimensional chains theoretically enabling communication to occur between the inner sub atomic spaces of particles. This is the cutting edge of science, yet Kabbalah wrote of these concepts more than 2000 year ago. So just what are these particles communicating? What are they coordinating? What do they enable? How was Kabbalah able to articulate these ideas at such an early stage?

When we think of G-d, we often look to the skies, thinking He is everywhere bigger than everything, but we seldom think of G-d as also being everywhere smaller than anything. Perhaps if we did we would realize that there is no real distance between ourselves and G-d in a physical sense, that distance is a perception of our own minds, because G-d in the physical and G-d in the spiritual dimension exists in parallel inside and outside of every atomic molecule of our bodies.[9] We have come to realize that dimensional strings chain everything by permeating the very essence of all that we know and all that we don’t yet know. Their connectivity stretches well beyond our bounded physical universe into the realm of new dimensions that we can only conceive in computer simulations. These structures and strings make up the mass of space, the jelly in which we live. Operating in their dimension, they vibrate, agitate, reverberate, contort and conform to the energies that influence them and influence everything connected through them. Like the 10 Sefirot and the 22 paths being present in everything spiritual and physical, these newly discovered dimensions penetrate all, connecting to the source of our Life Force in the infinite realm where everything, through them, ultimately responds to the oscillating energies of The Great Ain Sof[10]. It has become known to scientists engaged in String and Superstring Theory that either 6, 10 or 26 dimensions are required to support the theories. You will discover the importance of each of these numbers to the teachings of Kabbalah as you continue reading.

The Ain Sof, existing in the infinite realm, impacts on every atom in our universe and beyond. Oscillations that emanate by the Will of G-d invite our response, affect our lives shaping man and nature. In G-d’s ultimate state of ’nothingness’ His state is undisturbed. This is the perfected state, the state to which we all aspire in life and hope that in death we will experience in even the smallest way. The Ain Sof’s slightest reverberation is enough to cause massive ramification to the way all sub atomic and atomic particles behave. Our connections to G-d are therefore sourced in His dimension, and by our connection to it, it becomes the overall driving force for man on earth. We are truly G-d’s children tethered by umbilical cords of the sub atomic dimension that reach the boundaries of the infinite world of the Ain Sof.

With this two-way[11], parallel understanding of the physical and the spiritual we begin to appreciate the transcendence of our soulful essence as distinguished from our physical form. We see that we are connected to and can ultimately synchronize with and return to a dimension closer to G-d. During our time on earth those of us whose physical actions and energies are aligned to those of our higher spiritual purpose will cause our souls to be elevated reaching closer to G-d, connecting with Him and drawing toward His ultimate manifestation. Our personal purity and holiness satisfies Him!

We are approaching the 7th millennium, when it is prophesized that we will begin to understand G-d at a level that allows those of us who are open to receive, to reconcile the knowledge we have gained with the path that G-d set for all of us some 5800 years ago, only this time we will all recognize that the worlds of science and the world of G-d are inseparable. When our energies align to become synchronized and the aggregate chaos of our lives begins to subside He will be drawn toward us at an increasing rate shining His Supernal Light so that we may reach the perfected earth state that will lead to events described in the Torah as the coming of the Messiah. A time when we realize that science, technology and spirituality are inextricably linked and where mainstream populations of the world begin to discover truth in the purpose of their lives at faster and faster rates.

Next time you think of G-d, think small, think very small, think within your physical being to your inner spiritual sanctum, perhaps that will help you to connect and when you do you will be one more in number to synchronize your being with G-d’s infinite energy. As this happens G-d begins to reap the benefits of His plan, pleasing Himself through the actions of man, actions that must lead to a better world, a world in which we must first defeat of all that is evil!

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Think small to connect your conscious mind!

The following piece envisages conditions that lead to the moment we call the big bang a moment beyond the grasp of science. It is the convergence of science and Kabbalah that completes a picture bounded by physical and mystical logic.

Contemplate a ubiquitous state of comfortably warm light, evenly and perfectly distributed through space. Imagine the light extends in all directions from you, never stopping, always running ahead of your imagination infinitely. In this space, nothing else exists, no buildings, no trees, no earth, no planets, no stars, no objects, and no darkness, only light, perfectly even light. It permeates all directions and all dimensions, wherever you go, up down, right left, in, out, smaller, bigger, the light remains perfectly even from all points of view. Now imagine you are traveling through this light, absent of body, you are infused within the light, your consciousness is not distinguishable from it. You can think about the light forever, it will never come to an end for it is the eternal light of ‘The Ain Sof’, The Infinite Being.

Imagine the source of this light emanates from an even greater spiritual dimension by which all light and all space, is bound. A dimension that includes the Infinite Will of The Ain Sof infused within the infinite white light, just like you are, but always distinctly and spiritually separated from it[1]. Now The Ain Sof Wills the infinite white light be bound constricting and removing His Light from a region within it, forming a perfect finite dark vacuum like sphere. Imagine the sphere to be bigger than anything you can finitely conceive, substantially bigger than our universe, but not restricted to the same physical form. Imagine the massive scale of its formless dark spherical boundary, weaving and converging, toying with the light at its constricted edge. You can inspect the boundary, but no matter how hard you try or how small you scale your imagination, the intricately woven finite edge at the boundary continues to present itself in its infinite form, keeping the infinite warm light separate from the finite darkness of the sphere.

From the absolute center of the dark finite sphere a thin Ray of the unimaginably intense light is drawn. Sourced from somewhere beyond the infinite light,[2] it is immediately absorbed into the void, reflecting as a gentle dull, diffused haze. From points along the length of the Ray, gradient concentric atmospheres within the constricted space emanate. Now, beyond the sub atomic, you scale to view the diffused haze being channeled and reflected in these miniscule dimensions. Here, these new dimensions are a myriad of interconnecting tubes, like shapes that connect to each other in chaotic patterns, permeating the entire finite sphere to produce this beautiful diffused haze. The intensity becomes extreme, so much so that this single realm of finite light shatters into three lower realms each of lesser light intensity.

Figure - A 2D fractal image representing the ubiquitous sub atomic dimension at the edge of an object separating the finite from the infinite. Fractals are formed according to the mathematical theories of nature and are reflected in all shapes. Each of us may be closer than we think to the infinite realm by virtue of fractal theory.

Imagine at the exact center of the lowest of four major finite sub realms (spheres)including the outermost light, 6 smaller constrictions establish 6 new and independent spheres, which transform to conjunct, each producing a different absorption and gradient reflection within the white light. These 6 spherical bubbles of G-d’s spiritual light are bound containing varying degrees of the lights intensity.

Envisage these 6 [A11] separate bubbles converge at the central spiritual zone, marked as the end point of the Ray, to form the superset of the bubbles, bounded by the four major finite concentric spheres and all bounded by the infinite dimension of the Will of the Ain Sof. In this super spiritual region, G-d’s Ray of intense light, penetrates and reflects through the four concentric higher realms where the spiritual bubbles form new included smaller bubbles that are contained within bubbles, progressively filtering the intensity of the Ray of light. With each successive regression the dimension of the spiritual space converges on a finite spiritual singularity. At the precise center, in the final spiritual moment of constriction, the boundaries of spiritual emptiness are formed by His energy, immediately before the emergence of a physical singularity[3], where dark pre-sub atomic space, now devoid of almost all trace of spiritual light, progresses toward an absolute point of spiritual convergence.

At the exact focal point of G-d’s Ray of beaming higher world intervention, a big bang event releases unimaginable amounts of energy from the spiritual chambers at the intersection. In a time approximating 10^-43 through 10^-4, an incredibly small increment of physical space time, the growth of this fiery liquid sub atomic particle soup expands at a massive scale under massive force, well beyond the concepts of our present day knowledge, made possible only by the Spiritual Will, Design and Perfect Intervention of G-d.

As it is stated in the Midrash (an ancient and abstract interpretation of Torah),7 “By means of ten things was the world created: by wisdom, by understanding and by knowledge,...
…as it is written,8 ‘G‑d founded the earth with wisdom; He established the heavens with understanding; with His knowledge the depths of the abyss were burst open,’...“;
Bound and contained in the dimensions that surround and permeate the rapidly expanding pre atomic space of our physical universe, super small tubes connect to the outer spiritual dimensions of the spiritual realms from where the physical emerged. Dark space is fired by the powerful merging and splitting of the pre-atomic rapidly giving rise to basic sub atomic forces calculated to create the first basic sub atomic components that merge, collide, split and explode and gather to form atoms that aggressively collide and split fueling this newly forming rapidly growing space. With the passing of earth time, calculated to be some 13 billion years later and the cooling of our universe, energized atomic particles aggregate to form large active galactic stellar objects, cooling further to create planets and other material forms. At the center of this action, earth is formed, submerged below a primordial mass, in the vast spherical expanding darkness that we commonly call space.

Our physical universe continues to float in a soup of spiritual space!

At the fuzzy interconnecting boundary of infinite white light and the first sphere where spiritual dimensions first came into existence, The Ain Sof gently infuses His light surrounding it and infinitely penetrating it. At the more defined boundary between the last dull concentric sphere and the expanding space of our physical universe, only the subatomic dimensions remain connected through sub atomic tubular dimensional strings, like hairs, that enter our space at its edge.

“In the beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth” – Genesis - Bereishit 1:1 (The first 7 words of the Bible / Torah)

Three forces command the energy epicenter of the nucleus of each atom. These forces, known as a Quark are bound by dimensional strings, which form the basis of modern string theory. The space of these sub atomic string dimensions, when compared to the whole of the atom in which they are contained, is said to be on a scale as one atom is to the entire solar system[4]. At this scale one begins to conceive of the little that we actually know about the dimension of this super small, super sensitive world and even less about its connection with the infinite. In the convergence of science[5] and religion we glimpse the sensitivity of the super small and the ways in which the elements of G-d’s worlds logically influence all that we know and all that we don’t know. In man made scientific terms the big bang is the designated beginning of all we can know of the physical. Before that moment, when our atomic logic is pushed into the realm of the unknown, we can only perceive, follow and question that which we are taught.

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[A11]This is an enormously complex area of Kabbalah and needs to be carefully considered in respect of Asiyah, the other Sefirot and the Seder Hishtalshelut