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Osama’s Missing Letter - (beit) ב

Had Osama bin Laden known all the details of his Messianic plan, he would have delayed 9/11 by 2 days till 9/13 in order to spiritually align his destruction of the Twin Towers with the first day of Creation, in accordance with the G-d of Israel. His extensive knowledge of Quran was obviously better than his sketchy knowledge of Torah (Bible) despite his desire to cause the Messiah (of death) to be born into his dark world in the year 2001 the 5760th year since creation. (see Being Holy 8/26) .

The '1st of Tishrei' on the Hebrew calendar is the sixth day of Creation. It is the day Adam and Eve were brought into the world, the day the flood waters subsided for Noah, the day of Isaac's binding on the altar, the day Abraham's wife Sarah (who suggested and rejected Ishmael's mother) died, the final day of Israel's conception and the day Israel was judged at Mount Sinai and found worthy to receive the Torah.

['In the beginning'] B'reishit - בראשית is the first word of Torah, its letters also spell,א בתשרי - (Alef b' Tishrei) the '1st of Tishrei'.

The consistently stated Messianic objective of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is to ready the world (humanity) as a HOME in which G-d can dwell. Moses, a recognized prophet of the Quran, wrote the Torah (The Bible). It tells that the Messiah will come through the nation of Israel. It is this that President Mahmood Ahmadinejad pleads against in the opening statements of his blog (see Being Holy Blog 8/13).

The first letter of Torah is the letter ב - 'beit' (written בית) is equal to the number 2 (all Hebrew letters have a numeric value). 'Home' is also written בית, but pronounced 'bayit'. If we remove the letter (beit) ב from the first word (B'reishit) then ראשית (reishit) [beginning] has a numerical value = 400+10+300+1+200 = 911. Adding, 911+2 for (beit) ב, restores B'reishit -בראשית [in the beginning] = 913. 'Reishit' also represents higher Wisdom. Perhaps Osama's desire of it diverted the angel of death to strike on that fateful 9/11 day.

The extended numerical value of בית (bayit or beit) = 412, also = תאוה (ta'avah) meaning 'desire' or passion. Generally considered negative, desire's association with holiness takes on a positive meaning signaling that holy desires will bring the presence of G-d into the home we make.

There are many well known ancient esoteric teachings associated with the letter ב (beit), particularly as they relate to the rebuilding of the third and final temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Messiah. These teachings have been circulated in Israel and greater Arabia for thousands of years.

So, what does Osama's missing ב (beit) mean for the world and its' Messiah?

Many analysts of the Bible discredit its authorship to a time much later than Moses. Almost all of these convincing theories make the point by inference. After all, in our modern scientifically focused world, how preposterous that G-d could be responsible for writing or dictating this document! It's difficult to imagine that someone 3500 years ago could have written such a detailed text, let alone that the original form be handed down for so long. With this fixed mindset our modern literary archaeologists relegate the writing of Torah to four men or groups of men who, at the time of the Prophets, contributed to it over a span of several hundred years. Their analysis disregards the critical cultural importance of this text to the Jews that embrace and maintain it as the essence of life.

Most of these scientists are classified 'experts' because of the narrow qualifications in their field of study. However, it is rare to find even one who has also studied the complete works of Torah including its inner meanings (Kabbalah), before reaching their published conclusions. Without this dimension it is impossible to conclude who wrote the Bible. Their narrow analysis is therefore a flawed methodology which cannot be relied upon.

Kabbalah's esoteric reputation becomes a remnant of the ancient past as its teachings are progressively reconciled with modern knowledge, technology, science and our enlightened understanding of nature. The logic of Kabbalah permeates every aspect of the spiritual and physical world, connecting all the dots, whilst its purpose enables students to grasp, actualize and experience the concept of a Creator and the presence of G-d. Torah (Bible) is considered by its observers to have been delivered by G-d through the hand of Moses at Mt. Sinai. It is the oldest, most complete and comprehensive Holy work in existence; if we need proof, the Dead Sea Scrolls, a completely intact body of Torah, qualifies it as such.

Kabbalah scholars studying Torah (Old Testament) rely on methods, which have been used since ancient times, to reveal esoteric knowledge and ancient wisdom concealed by our limited interpretation of its holy words and letters. Unlike other languages, all Hebrew letters perform a grammatical and a numerical function and the mystical nature of each letter is said to reflect in its unique form representing its energy . When letters are assembled into a word, the inner meanings contained in the word are concealed. As such, an accurate understanding of each letter reveals details of the word and therefore the inner spiritual or physical construct of the object or subject that the word describes[1].

When Torah is studied from this point of view it can be emotionally and intellectually overwhelming, as such Kabbalah was concealed for 1200 years following the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Today many users of the Internet busily translate and publish accurate Kabbalah all the while revealing its indisputable logic to a growing audience. This rapid growth in popularity and access is the fear of fundamental Islam, this 'spreading light' is driving their dark desire to destroy, to turn back time and to stop Torah from defining The Home. This is the reason they are fearful and intent on destroying Israel and its friends.

Its not surprising to learn that Ishmael (Abraham's son through his servant Hagar), representing 'Iran' and friends, married his daughter to Jacob's (Israel's) twin brother Esau, representing 'Rome' and friends and that, according to the 'end of days' prophecy (some 45 years from 5761/2001), these two will join against Israel. So, we should not be surprised to witness the United Nations joining with Iranian and Syrian interests in Lebanon to pursue Israel and when this occurs we will know that the Messiah of life is here and the 'end of days' are near for the dark days of terror.

The following details will help you contemplate the depth of Kabbalah's logic.

'Gematria' is the study of relationships between Hebrew words and phrases included in Torah. This vast and complex study, considering the sheer volume of letters included in Torah, has revealed deeply esoteric concepts hidden within its pages and its study continues to produce inspiring results.

Interestingly, the Hebrew word for 'letter'; אות (ot)[2] also means a 'sign' or 'wonder' and is the root of the Hebrew word meaning 'to reveal'.

By example; a Gematria rule from The Principle of Letter Pairs, known as 'Atbash' is discovered by mirroring and reversing the sequence of letters in the Hebrew alphabet. This concept is derived from the moment of creation when the Heavens were folded. This practice, originating in knowledge derived from the early portions of the book of Genesis, is used to reveal inner meanings. Further, the ordering of Hebrew's 22 letters (representing energy forms) occurred in the period prior to creation. In order to obtain deeper insight, the reverse order of letters can be applied to a word to reveal its 'word energy' as it existed prior to creation. The letters (in their reverse order) form a new corresponding word which was previously concealed and from which new information is revealed.

A Table of the Hebrew letters shows

1) each Hebrew letter which is followed by its

2) order in the 22 letters (ordinal number),

3) the letters full numerical value and

4) its English transliterated name.

Hebrew is read from the right margin to left.

These are the 3 Mother letters representing the primary energies associated with creation including the process known as thesis, antithesis and synthesis.

These are the 12 Elemental letters representing the 12 diagonal energies around which much of our universal existence is based including months of the year.

These are the 7 Double letters around which energies are said to ascend and descend in a vertical direction and upon which most of our earthly presence is affected including days of the week.


[1]The Gateway of Unity and Faith Chapter 1 also Ch 7.

[2] Sefer Haerchim Chabad, vol. Maarechet otiot page 1. Iisaiah ch. 21 v. 12. Likutai Torah page יא row 3 and many other places.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Holy Wars

Osama Bin Laden waited for 11 September 2001. That year, he calculated. would be the Jewish Calendars 5760th year since creation (5761). Ancient Mystical Judaism prophesizes the 5760th year to be the one in which the Messiah would be born. He compared Jewish and Christian calendars discovering 9/11 to be the perfect day to execute dark judgment. In his elated mind, 9/11 fell on the first day Israel's G-d commenced creation, this would be the perfect day to attack the spiritual logic of Israel. Adding 7 days 9/18, on the Jewish Calendar, should therefore be 1 Tishrei 5762, the day G-d completed creation - it checked out! However, confused between Jewish and Christian calendars, he miscalculated by 2 days, 9/11 would actually be 23 Elul, 2 days before G-d began to create the world. Losing site of his spiritual objective, his mind focused on the dark act.

In France, Islamic population groups are rapidly moving to control the political majority. When this occurs it will represent a fundamental shift in Islam's global powerbase because no single Muslim population group has ever controlled a significant world power. These fundamental shifts in the worldwide balance are important drivers that will play a significant role in the future Holy Wars that for thousands of years have mapped the historical development of the world.

Islam's doctrine forged its place alongside Judaism and Christianity around 600 CE. The Quran, like the Bible, often speaks in terms which may be read with ambiguity, but the voices of Islams prophets, Iman's and educators have failed to unify their messages to eradicate the potential for serious misinterpretation. Perhaps recent events of global terrorism, may very well polarize the Muslim world to clarify the words of the Quran so that they are un-mistakenly viewed by constituents of Islam to be messages of peace.

The worlds major religious blocks are broadly represented as Christianity in Europe and America, Islam in Africa, Arabia and certain Asian Countries with Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Shinto and others in the Indo / Asian based countries. Whilst Imperialism has been the driver for the Holy Wars of the past, economics will be the driver for the holy wars of the foreseeable future, with oil at the forefront during the next 50 years. The worlds economic future points to consolidation and control by the heads of the eight most wealthy nations. Each participant understands the importance that stability brings, yet they remain focused on protecting their individual interests through political power broking.

The frightening sentiments expressed by Iran's Ahmadinejad, Islamic fundamental clerics and their political leaders, to wipe Israel from the face of the global map is a remnant of ancient Holy Wars, that failed to reconcile Abraham's Biblical rejection of Ishmael as stated in the Hebrew Torah. This is a very deep and significant factor that still separates Islam and Judeo Christianity at the deepest level religiousous doctrines, despite emanating from a common gene pool.

Whilst wars of terror will continue, perhaps the current expansion of democratic rights in Muslim countries will ultimately lead to a prevailing sense of sanity. However, it is far more likely that the looming serious confrontation, spearheaded by Iran, represents an attack by fundamental Islam on the mystical construct of Judaism, which will ultimately lead to long-lasting consideration as to the relevance and importance that a holy Jewish people brings to all people of the world.

Wishful thinking, perhaps not!

Recent events of terror make it increasingly evident that fundamental Islam is enclothed in the logic of death as the primary psychological characteristic that underpins the lives and the actions of martyrs and those that support them. This powerful minority have engaged their faith to oppose the directions of moderate life including materialism, such that destruction and obliteration of it has become their governing cause. Such is the fervor of this group that the propulsion of their brand logic ensures its continuation. Their souls are inherently committed to a very strong dark energy that most people fail to comprehend, one which heralds peace, through death; a manifestation of Mercy derived through Justice. This directly opposes moderate mainstream views where Justice is derived through Mercy.

Their modern Holy War, their Jihad is the inflection point that will become the catalyst for many changes that will confront societies and cultures around the world. Yet, moderate and fundamentalist Jews, Muslims and Christians have one significant point of agreement they all believe the Messiah will arrive at some point in the future. The Holy Wars of old are probably over, however they are rapidly turning toward information mediums to cast their influence over man. It is prophesized that the Messiah will come through peace or through war with the arbitrator being man.

There are differing views on the Messiah of the Old Testament; where will he come from? Where will he arrive? Will Joseph the Righteous, who brings holiness to the material world, be followed by King David? It is generally agreed that, by our actions, man has the opportunity to bring the Messiah during our lifetime. It is also told that it will take just one person to bring the Messiah and it will occur through acts of holiness, kindness and charity. So, whilst holy wars continue and economic debate blossoms and the world moves closer to the brink of a significant energy and ecological crisis, it seems that each and any one of us is capable of changing the world for the better, in a very significant and profound way. There are many holy stories of people who are known to have been responsible for changing events without them ever knowing it.

One such story is that of a destitute righteous widow who lived in a small town. She prayed that it would not rain so she could dry clothes she washed to earn a meager income. However the townsfolk were desperate for rain, needing it for their crops. G-d provided sunshine for the righteous lady and it was only when the townspeople inadvertently took care of her, helping her to improve her life without the need to do their washing that she stopped praying for dry weather. After this, the rain started to fall.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


From the introduction to the Blog of Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad -

"In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate"

"Oh Almighty God, please, we beg you to send us our Guardian- who You have promised us- soon and appoint us as His close companions."

Why is he asking to be appointed as His (our 'G'uardian's) close companions?

Who else would God appoint?

"During the era that nobility was a prestige and living in a city was perfection, I was born in a poor family in a remote village of Garmsar-approximately 90 kilometer east of Tehran. I was born fifteen years after Iran was invaded by foreign forces- in August of 1940- and the time that another puppet, named mohammad Reza – the son of Reza Mirpange- was set as a monarch in Iran. Since the extinct shah -Mohammad Reza- was supposed to take and enter Iran into western civilization slavishly, so many schemes were implemented that Iran becomes another market for the western ceremonial goods without any progress in the scientific field. Our Islamic culture would not allow such an infestation, and this was an impediment in front of shah and his foreign masters’ way. Thus, they decided to make this noble and tenacious culture weak gradually that Iran be attached strongly to the west as far as its economy, politics, and culture was concern. After the implementation of this policy and the unreal and outward of upswing, the villagers began to rush to the cities. Upon the enforcement of the land reform, the status of the villages became worst than the past and villagers for earning some breadcrumbs, they were deceived by the dazzling look and the misleading features of the cities and became suburban and lived in ghettos. My family was also suffered in the village as others. After my birth -the fourth one in the family- my family was under more pressures ...Written by Mahmood Ahmadinejad at 04:12 "

Why aren't we all killers, sex offenders, cheats, liars or thieves?

Why do we mostly conform to laws of order, regardless of our status in society?

Why do we perpetuate a holy union of marriage between man and woman as the cornerstone to bearing children?

Why do all people of all races and all cultures in all societies live in a broadly homogeneous state?

What makes all personalities fit within a broadly flat range?

Why do some societies follow murderous dictators only to be influenced at some later stage that their national actions were unjustified?

Is it possible the 10 billion proteins that code each cell in your body, are sequenced according to a unique spiritual blueprint[1]?

Do you agree?

- Each of us is born with a perfect[2] reservoir of innate holy wisdom[3]

- As babies our souls are exposed to the imperfections of mature people

- From this exposure grows the desire[4] to express our wisdom

- The desire triggers our young brains to develop the faculty of speech

- As development progresses we leave our perfect spiritual state becoming increasingly pre- occupied with the physical

- We are frustrated by our inability to accurately express our inner beauty

- This inability results in the creation of mental noise or anguish

- Most of us manage this noise to a reasonable level allowing some of our inner beauty to shine on others

- Pursuit, of our desires, diverts attention from our purpose

- We all inevitably return to the perfect noiseless state.

The origin of thought has occupied the minds of philosophers through time, however many key questions remain unanswered. To learn of the powers that influence us and cause us to think, we may want to know;

What is an inner voice?
Where does it come from?
Where do thoughts initiate?
How do they form?
Does the brain have a thought generating mechanism?
Could the source of thought be related to the same desire that led us to speak?
Does the stimulation of thought emerge from an external force?
Do we have super sensitive brains that are in a constant state of external stimulation?
Could this stimulation be more essential than most of us imagine it to be?

Pursuit of better material existence dominates much of our thinking and although we are less inclined to devote time to the spiritual realm, we are aware of its importance. Kabbalah expounds an ancient methodology to re-connect our physical self with our spiritual soul. Rooted in the mystical secrets of creation, through it we are able to discover life's purpose. Knowing purpose brings us closer to the realization of the ancient Messianic prophecies to reveal our world in its perfected state.

The future path of humanity has been the subject of comprehensive debate by the most sensitive intellectuall souls that have ever lived. By following their teachings we may realize the seemingly impossible supernatural state; truth, perfect harmony, peace and prosperity, for all. However, we must forst remove impediments to our ascension including our self imposed inability to correctly perceive truth. For example, most schools teach that The Earth rotates around the sun when, in fact, the earth and the sun rotate around their common central point of mass. Responsive to other bodies in space and time, each circles the other while being affected by all other bodies. It is apparent that most of us are stuck in the vacuum of our man made perception. In this case, that the sun is the centre of our solar system when it is an absolute fact that it is not. If all teachings were correct, mindful, sensitive and accurate then our perspectives would forthrightly orient humanity toward truth.

Somehow man has flipped the priority of life upside down. Predictable, perhaps, but with renewed knowledge it becomes increasingly evident that the plan of our Maker must become our one and only priority. With increasing pace, technology and communications reveal new information that makes us believe we are on the right path to discerning truth in knowledge. However, if knowledge is to be used for the betterment of all people, we must navigate some critical turns in order to avoid the path of the great abyss.

Life on earth is prophesized to end with the redemption of man and resurrection of souls. The desire for this future state of perfect bliss is shared by many cultures and mainstream religions. With such a possibility, every society must strive in every way, to satisfy every necessary condition expounded in the most carefully considered, and critically acclaimed teachings to bring such a state to our world during our lifetimes.

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