Monday, July 23, 2007

The Past in the Future

Kabbalah says the beginning is in the end; all things connected, so it is with truth.

As ageing civilizations of the world grow wiser they begin to recognize 'truth'. In time we will all come to know that assumed axioms, like the example from the introduction to this blog; the Earth rotates around the Sun are an oversimplification, an inaccurate summary, perhaps even the promotion of ignorance.

The creation of the Universe and the significance of life on our planet are not just some impossible combination, chance events of random science, after all how would even that chance come into existence? Rather, we must surely be the center of a deeply conceived and unified System of Greater Wisdom that rules over all. Interstellar planetary discoveries will come and go. We will continue to find the big and the small, the super hot and cold, but we will never discover another planet like Earth located in the unimaginable balance, established in a galaxy, in a solar system that provides the perfected environment for an abundance of life and living.

On the contrary, let me propose; as man discovers more, the reverse will occur, we will see the hostility of space well beyond our solar system, we will discover the miraculous, but volatile sub atomic building blocks of nature and through these windows we will progressively realize that Earth is the center of the universe, the Sabbath that was intended in the advent of His creation.

Kabbalah, which extrapolates 'mans creation in the image of G-d' talks of 'man' as a vessel to receive. In the sense in which all of 'man' could operate as if it were One Soul, One Mind and One Body, each knowing their respective place, each with a role, each making a contribution to the greater Unity. In this sense Judaism, governed by its Greater Wisdom would represent the head, Christianity governed by Kindness the right arm, Islam governed by its emotive Strength the left arm with the balance of the worlds religious orders making the functional body of Supernal Man. In this analogy all people functioning as One Soul could only ever emerge if each recognized and submitted to the vision of man in the image of G-d, an image greater than any individual or society could conjecture or conceive.

Enhanced sensitivity and awareness in all respects is called for! An awareness that arrives at a deeper more meaningful path, one that inspires, motivates and directs people to see deeper, act deeper and think deeper to become more intelligent about existence, each a transcendent soul. Armed with this greater knowledge, we could work together, play together, create together, live together, care together and think together in ways that are far more intelligent than man has ever been able to apply in the past. With new knowledge we could shift from the savages of our dog eat dog material world to a world facilitated by once unbelievable technologies, but founded in their spiritual purpose. A world, which begins to support a more closely integrated global society, which focuses less on physical growth and more on spiritual growth, primarily through the qualities imbued by each person reaching for their higher holy state in the presence of The Maker.

Truth and holiness are the cornerstones of societies that will progressively see the world for what it is. Identifying the superfluous lies and rhetoric that underlie insecurities will pave the way for improved logic in the choices that societies make. As the masses discover their collective power and begin to protect their rights to discover truth, more balanced societies and improvement to life will cause global economics to yield to the demands of that truth. Taking all factors into consideration the worlds active minds will be increasingly applied to causes of righteousness and holiness because incentive systems will begin shifting back to values of old where holy people with knowledge, wisdom and powers of perception were recognized for their abilities and rapidly sought by the mainstream. These mentors of society will electronically connect, prioritizing, assisting people with real needs, people who wish to complete themselves in ways that make them happier, more productive and satisfied through there own confidence, self worth and discovery of purpose. Then, the world will begin to change in ways that bring revelations to all people, miracles that we cannot perceive or conceive.

It all starts and ends in the beginning[1], in the creation of G-d’s perfect world, the one He positioned in the center of His universe, the one around which the aggregate of all galaxies and star systems rotate. The one for which He created man in perfect knowledge, after which came the events of the forbidden tree of Knowledge and for almost 6000 years we have been on a track to restore that moment in time, to restore intellectual man in the image of G-d.

There is a known inner meaning of the unique day on the Hebrew Calendar, 15-Menachem-Av, on which the verse from The Book of Job speaks with regard to the redemption and the world to come, ["He will put an end to and terminate all darkness," “לחשך שם קץ= 888 = "I am G-d without ever changing" “שניתי לא י׳ה׳ו׳ה אני”] = [(24 (all the possible combinations of the 4-letter explicit name) x 37 (Yechidah, unique-essence, יחידה and our highest soul state)].

Iggeret HaKodesh, middle of Epistle 20 – 8 Tishrei – Pg 400

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