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Patterns in Creation

1) Hebrew letter followed by its 2) order in the 22 letters (ordinal number), 3) its numerical value and 4) its transliterated name.

G-d used the energies attributed to each Hebrew letter to create the spiritual attributes of Heaven and the physical attributes of Earth. Those energies, reflected in each letter, are the source of Hebrew, which became the shared source for interpreted languages in use around the world today.

To discover more, we will focus only on the first 7 words of the Torah, which reveal more than simply meets the eye.

Creation occurred over a period of 6 days. Kabbalah segments[1] the first day as being energies from the side of the right followed on the second day by energies of the left. Both days occurred when creations process was not sufficiently complete to establish the foundation for life, but on the third day the energies of the left were drawn toward the right[2] in order to establish the center; balance and foundation. It was on this day that the earth was revealed above the water. Up to this point only 3 of the 4 elements necessary for human life were exposed, they were water, fire and air[3]. On the third day earth’s surface was exposed, above the water, dry land appeared and G-d created the perfected environment for an abundance of plant life to thrive. The third day is the letter gimel ג equals 3; the creation of the center, foundation, balance and stability from chaos, the concept of a triangle emerges from this point.

The root word for gimel - גמל (more on this number follows) = 3 + 30 + 40 = 73 or by its ordinal value = 3rd letter + 13th letter + 12th letter = 28, projecting the foundation onto the 28 letters in this first verse of creation; the completion of stability on the third day.

The total value for each of the 7 words of the first verse of Genesis = 2701.

The total of the first letter of each of the 7 words, is 2+2+1+1+5+6+5 = 22, equivalent to the total number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet all of which fall between the letters את (Aleph - the 1st letter and Taf - the 22nd letter) found in the 4th word, the mid point of these first 7 words.

The first word has 6 letters. Mathematically six is the first Perfect Number. A Perfect Number is one that is equal to the sum of all its positive whole numbers that can exactly divide into it, up to but excluding itself, in this case 1+2+3.

Within the first word we find the date on which creation was completed in the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar. The month is known as Tishrei (תשרי), the 7th day of Creation is the first Sabbath, the day on which G-d rested and bestowed His blessings, the day of Adam’s birth, the day the nation of Israel was conceived, the day Sarah (Abrahams wife) died and the day the Torah was received by the Jewish people at Mount Sinai. The 1st of Tishrei is written, א בתשרי (Alef B’ Tishrei), it is a reorganization of the exact letters found in the first word of the Torah (B’reishit) בראשית.

In the first verse, the letter aleph א appears in each word except the fifth word (the heavens). It is found in six letter positions, 3rd+9th+10th+15th+23rd+26th = 86 = א 'ל 'ה 'י 'ם (Elokim) the name of G-d stated 32 times in the first verse of Genesis[4].

All known Perfect Numbers are even and triangular. Six is the 3rd triangular number illustrated bellow by virtue of its 3 rows of number bricks of 6 numbers with 3 numbers at its base.

There are a total of 28 letters in this first verse - 28 is the 2nd Perfect Number and the 7th triangular number.

There are several geometries associated with the number 2701 - the numerical expression of Genesis 1:1 (2701 is obtained by adding together all values of each letter) - thus:

- The 37 x 73 rectangle = 2701 number bricks

- The 37 x 73 trapezium = 2701 number bricks

2701 is also the 73rd triangular number. It has 73 individual number bricks along its base. 37 is the whole number mid-brick of its base (36 + 1 (the tan brick at the base line) + 36 = 73).

Observe the geometrical compatibility in that the 37th triangle (tan), when inverted fits perfectly within the 73rd triangle leaving 3 equal blue triangles each with 666 number bricks (the 36th triangle) and the tan triangle of 703 tan number bricks (the 37th triangle).

Note the boundaries of each of these smaller blue triangles each comprise exactly 216 (blue bricks on their perimeter, which can be expressed as 6 x 6 x 6 = 216 and may be rearranged into a stack to create the unique 6 x 6 x 6 cube depicted below:

Note: The 6x6x6 cube is the only cube known to have a superficial area (bricks on the outside face) that is numerically equal to its volume (total bricks in the stack).

The numbers 73 and 37 are related geometrically in two distinct ways as hexagrams and hexagons see below.

73 as Hexagram. . ..73 as Hexagram
37 as Hexagon (insert). . .37 as Hexagram (insert)

Consider the following:

The value of the [6th word] 407 + [7th word] 296 (each a multiple of 37) = 703 the 37th triangle or the rectangle of 37 x 19. We know 37 is the whole number midpoint of the 73rd triangle likewise, 19 is the whole number midpoint of the 37th triangle. Here we find a geometrical relationship of a kind similar to that shared by 37 and 73, thus:

19 and 37 as Hexagon(insert)... 19 as Hexagon (insert) with
with 73 as Hexagram... 37 (insert) and 73 as Hexagram

Finally the value 703 can be expressed as a symmetrical hexagon within the 'star of stars' expression of Genesis 1:1:

The 73 'stars' in this figure each represent 37as a hexagram. The inner hexagon of 19 (tan) thus represents 703 (i.e. the sum of words 6 and 7), and the hexagonal ring of 18 (colored purple) represents 666.

Whatever you make of this unique set of numbers, it is clear that the numerical relationship of the letters in the first verse and in every verse of the Torah cannot be the result of tampering or by the pre-conceived notions of Moses or any other ancient author that scholars of the secular world may attribute its genius to. Finally, illustrating, by geometry, the penetration of Torah wisdom in our autonomous existence, the four triangular diagrams below represent ancient symbols of the alchemists, which continue to be used today. They represent each of the 4 elements that must exist to create and sustain life. As you ponder these shapes mentally align the base of the Fire triangle on the midline of Earth, then do the same with Water and Air, finally converge the merged shapes into one to reveal the Star of David.

At the mystical center, the 4th and middle word (in the 7 words of the first verse of Genesis) is 'et' את equals 400 + 1 = 401. These are the first and the last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In a sense they stand alone in that the first verse can be read – “In the beginning G-d created[5] - ‘et’ – the heavens ‘v-et’ the earth”. In other words G-d first created ‘et’ and with ‘et’ came the heavens then with ‘v-et’ came the earth. This is a further insight to the thinking and meaning behind the mystical letters of Hebrew. Applying the same consideration to the 6th word ‘v-et’ ואת equals 400 + 1 + 6 = 407, the picture of G-d’s actions are clearly demonstrated because He formed the Heavens then connected them with ו - ‘v’(vav) = 6 to form the earth. The total of ‘et’ + ‘v-et’ or את ואת equals 808[6].

Removing the middle ‘et’ (fourth word) then subtracting the value of the first 3 words “In the beginning G-d created” from the value of the last 3 words “the heavens and the earth”, then 1202-1098 = 104. When divided by the 4 (elements) 104 / 4 = 26 = the number of G-d’s explicit name (The Tetragramaton - Y-H-V-H) י'ה'ו'ה, reflecting the elements that G-d created from the את ‘et’, by His mystical speech (energies), all of which are contained in the deeper significance of each of the Hebrew letters and from which the finite heavens and the earth were created.

Further analysis of the letter aleph א = (spelled)אלפ equals 80 + 30 + 1 = 111 and by its ordinal value 1st letter + 12th letter + 17th letter = 30 we are reminded that 3 (gimel – the third day, representing the left, the right and the center) x 37 (midpoint of the 73rd triangle) = 111. Analyzing the letter tav ת equals תו equals = 6+400 = 406 = 28th triangular number and by its ordinal value, 22nd letter + 6th letter = 28 reflecting on the 28 letters in the first verse of Genesis. Each ‘1’ of the aleph (1,1,1) refers to the 3 lower universal realms; the origin of all that is physical and spiritual in our world. By the application of the 3 unique letters in G-d’s name י'ה'ו (each a revealed dimension of time and space[7]) with the fourth letter ה being the digit that signifies higher and lower worlds, then 3 dimensional space in the higher and lower worlds reveals 6 dimensions[8] in all; 111 x 6 = 666 or the 36th triangle. It is primarily the numbers 36 and 37 in their triangular and squared forms that underpin the wisdom, strength and kindness revealed in creation through the words of the first verse of Genesis.

This gains further support when one analyzes the construct of the letter[9] (alef) א, representing the air that enables the synthesis[10] of fire and water to produce the 4th element, matter or earth. We can see that the letter alef is made up of a Yud י at the top (right) a Vav ו in the middle and a Yud י at the bottom (left) signifying the synthesis of the fire of heaven and the lower waters enabling the formation of earth and depicting creation.

It is well known in Kabbalah that the letters of the Tetragramaton, G-d’s explicit four letter name, represents all the dimensions through which energies flow in the physical world and the directions energies flow between the vessels (attributes) of the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, fire represents the radiation of energy the constant stream of thought that emerges by our desire to understand, water represents wisdom and our ability to absorb from spiritual energy and air is the medium through which these energies are transmitted. These energy flows and their respective attributes are represented in each letter in every word, which we use in every day life to express our thoughts by bringing those thoughts down from the higher spiritual worlds of our minds and souls into the physical world through the speaking actions of our mouth.

During creation “G-d said” and it came to be. It is possible that all wave energies, including light, emanate from a base sound wave principle and that that conversion from sound to light becomes possible at extreme and very particular frequencies. The principle sounds talked about in Kabbalah are the 10 Utterances which manifest in creation to derive physical objects by the spiritual Will of G-d. Here we are introduced to the importance of sound, the particular patterns that sound reflects and the use of letters and names that crystallize their particular sound energy. Edenics is a study that proposes the origin of all speech from the letters of Torah, which most people consider to be Hebrew. However, Modern Hebrew is a derivative of Torah Hebrew as are all other languages.

Edenics, the language of the Garden of Eden is rarely used other than for reading of Torah in synagogues and schools around the world, but hidden in its letters and words are the roots of the creative energy forces that G-d used to bring our world into existence, through sound. In every name of every object of our physical realm are the echoes of these Edenic sounds, these creative forces, G-d’s force that sustains existence and the finite from nullification by the infinite.

It only takes one of a myriad of examples to demonstrate how the morphing sounds of names or words, in various languages over the millennia, have caused the origin of Edenic words to be lost, but with careful work they can be recovered. The name for, ‘WORD’ in Edencis is DaVaR[11] (דור); by removing vowels D(ד)V(ו)R(ר) and applying known linguistic morphing it is revealed that DVR of Edenics eventually became VoRD (German / Yiddish) and finally WoRD (English).

Perhaps Hebrew’s recovery as the only language in history to come back from its 'dead' status to one that is now in daily active use, is a small sign that the world is finally ready to recognize THE language of its spiritual and physical origins.

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Isaac Mozeson said...

There were many large themes in this blog. One of particular interst to me is Torah and astrology. People are like snowflakes. Even if there are billions of them, no 2 are alike. Even if siblings share similar parental genes and an identical environment, siblings will be totally different.

Why? One answer lies in the zodiacal belt around Earth, and the first recorded large cluster of siblings, all of whom were significantly similar.
The Torah has 12 son-signs in the tribes and sons of Israel.
I paste here an article from several years ago:

Hidden Astrology in the Bible

The most common Hebrew phrase in the world, used at family celebrations, is Mazal Tov. This is commonly thought to mean something like "Congratulations" or
"Good Luck." Not wanting to horrify some Christian Evangelicals with something so “Satanic”, or to disturb many rabbis who pride themselves on centuries of rational rejection of superstition, but the phrase actually means "Good Constellation." A variant phrase spoken even by non-Jews to seal a deal in the diamond business is Mazal Bracha, or "Under a Blessed Constellation."
Many people prefer not to see any astrology in the Hebrew Bible or in
Jewish culture, but this chapter may give you more respect for the many provable truths of this ancient "pseudo"-science. Admittedly, belief in local superstition, good luck charms and talismans to ward off "evil" have crept into the folklore of biblically illiterate Jews living in Eastern Europe and the Near East for centuries. By the end of this chapter, I hope you see that eliminating astrology from the biblical tradition is throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
The field got its muddied reputation when astrology got overwhelmed by prognostications or predictive material that reduced rather than enhanced the theological cornerstone of biblical faith -- human free will. Astrology was forbidden during the Middle Ages, when the world’s leading mathematicians, astronomers and astrologers (the two fields were once integrated) too glibly put the fate of nations or individuals “in the stars” rather than divine providence. Only those who denied the laws of the higher heavens, taught the philosophers and theologians, might be subject (as animals) to these laws of the lower heavens. It was too easy to slide from someone’s innate propensity towards violence to predictions of violence. While several kings and caliphs were served by astrological Jewish advisors who were outstanding biblical scholars, biblical tradition does not allow one to plan one’s day according to horoscopes.
Is this paradoxical, this respect for the descriptive aspects of astrology but prohibition against its predictive aspects? Yes, but rejection of popular bastardization should not be confused with a contradiction that weakens the entire field. Druid tree worship has similarly popularized the Christmas tree for millions of non-pagans. A dislike of the origins of holly or mistletoe should not diminish the significance of Christmas for Christians. Unlike the evil eye or blessed amulet, astrology was learned millennia ago, predating even the patriarchs.
To the ancient Egyptians or Incas, astrology-astronomy was already an established, major component of religion. When Abraham leaves Chaldea for the Promised Land in the Late Bronze Age, his native civilization had promoted astrology to the apex of its scientific and theological culture. The Aramaic euphemism for astrologer was "Chaldean," and the talmudic term for pagan was "worshiper of the stars and constellations." In modern times, we consider all this star gazing to be lunacy, but in Western civilization days of the week still honor these former deities – as in Saturn-day, Sun-day and Moon-day. Ancient man looked in awe at the billion jewels of the night sky. Small as it is, the moon affects our ocean tides and plant cycles. We don’t yet know how to describe these forces that are more than gravity, nor the ones that effect subterranean patterns in the human heart and mind. Pagans who worshiped the planets or devotees of scientism today may be compared to country bumpkins who are overwhelmed by the doorman’s shiny buttons, and therefore don’t seek out the real landlord in the penthouse high above street level.
Much of middle Genesis records how God (our handy term for the extraterrestrial being beyond time and space that appears to be guiding humanity) meets Abraham's religious revolution halfway. This special human, ten generations from Noah and twenty from Adam, can conceive of an Eternal God that created the natural splendors yet cannot be seen. In dramatic fashion, God has Abraham demonstrate the error of human and child sacrifice – the ultimate religious expression among ancient peoples from Philistia to South America. Before that, the Eternal has to wean Abraham the Chaldean from the theologically treacherous part of astrology. He and Sara are convinced that they are infertile as star-crossed lovers (or parents). In Genesis 15:5 Abraham is taken out to view the stars, is brought above the stars, to understand that a man's fate is not determined by them. Commentators would have him be Earth's first astronaut. This outer space voyage, however, may also be related to what we call an out-of-the-body experience or even to an "alien abduction."
Whatever version you prefer, the Supreme Being relieved Abraham's anxiety over astrologically fated childlessness by outranking the stars and changing the spelling of their names. (Spelling and counting and the source for SPHERE are all inferred in the Hebrew SiPHoR of Genesis 15:5.) In this episode, Abraham and Sarah confront the deeply-rooted astrological scientific and belief system of their culture. These beliefs are not debunked but outranked. The bible acknowledges many aspects of astrological and zodiacal verity, but firmly states that people's behavior, the law of karma, is the ultimate determinant of our fate. No biblical principle, from the Garden of Eden on, is more important than free will, and even this key clash with astrology cannot be seen as supporting the predictive aspects of the stars.
The prophetess Deborah extols “the stars in their courses,” Job curses the day he was born and Amos mentions constellations by name. Nonetheless, the clearest and most common references to astrology in the bible are all prohibitions against it as a form of divination or idol worship. Deifying the sun, moon or heavenly bodies is a capital crime in Deuteronomy17:2, and warnings are common among the prophets. Charting one's destiny by astral configurations, planetary fatalism, is a sin against God and the faith system of free will. It is an abhorrent cultural return to the philosophical slavery of Egypt. Nevertheless, some of the greatest rabbis of the Middle Ages served their kings as astrological advisors. They would not chart the destinies of believers, but used their expertise to dispense military, medical or marital advice. Apparently, one is allowed to consult the stars for choosing an auspicious time for a battle or wedding, or, more positively, to direct a diet to combat how stress affects each sun sign differently. (For example, headaches, indigestion, arthritis and foot problems are statistically highest for the Aries, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.)
By the time we get to the first century writers of Jewish liturgy, there are dramatic passages that today's rationalists tend to ignore or omit. Every sabbath morning synagogue congregations recite (and often sing): "Good are the luminaries that our Lord created, formed with knowledge, discernment, and insight; power and might were given to them, to be rulers at the core of creation." The liturgy gets more specifically zodiacal in later centuries, and one must consider the popularity of zodiac decorations in synagogues (or the floor of Yeshiva University’s main entrance). The twelve (Greco-Roman) zodiac symbols common to many pre-war Jewish houses of worship follow a tradition found in ancient mosaic floors uncovered in the Galilee from the Roman period. Why is this the case, when the prognostication aspects of astrology present a challenge to the rule of divine providence and the bible is severely antagonistic to it? This is because the zodiacal ( the non-prognostication dimension) of astrology is a core biblical belief.
These zodiac depictions often replace or are confused with one of the other common features of synagogue art – the graphic symbols of the twelve tribes. This is hardly a coincidence. The twelve sons of Israel are conceived as stars in Joseph's dream of Genesis 37:9, even before they are established as tribes. The bible has much to say
about the twelve sons of Jacob, and the symbols, personalities, blessings (prophecies), marching and encampment order, priestly gemstones and subsequent history of the tribes are a significant part of the bible's message for all humanity. This part of the bible’s message is very astrological or, to be more cautious and precise, zodiacal.
Israel’s twelve sons/tribes, born at different times, with different personalities and flags, represents the twelve major “tribes” of humankind found in astrology. Why? The tiny Israelites were, and miraculously remain, a metaphor. They are divided into twelve tribes precisely because they represent the twelve major varieties of human personality reflected in the sun signs of the zodiac. Any scientist would agree that this world is graced with a great variety or bio-diversity. Biblically speaking, first there were divisions between day and night, then upper and lower waters. At Babel, the ultimate genetic division of three basic races for humanity (Noah’s three sons) was further divided into language and national families that are still de-evolving and splitting today.
To further differentiate people, even two siblings with similar nurture and nature, there is a zodiacal belt of constellations around our planet that somehow influences our psychological and medical propensities according to our date of birth. Twelve distinct
constellations appear on this belt, and the celestial position of the seven principle planets at the time are important for one’s entire chart. (Mick Jagger isn’t just a self-important Leo, he’s an egomaniacal triple Leo; serial killer “Son of Sam” lacks water signs, thus was not emotionally involved in his victims.) Neptune and Pluto were discovered later, but we will discuss the menorah or candelabra of seven lights used by the ancients and assume that these modern planets are too far from the relevant cosmic rays (or whatever) to effect human behavior and appearance (within each gene pool).
Anyone can look at a constellation and interpret its design differently; so it is not productive to argue about the sun-sign symbols favored by the Hebrews, Romans, Chinese, Indians, or etc. The symbolic meanings behind each image are significant, however, so it will be important to discuss why a tent (Gad) is like a crab (Cancer). If you are skeptical about this time-worn discipline, keep in mind that an eighteen century man's would consider a box emitting voices powered from unseen radio waves to be witchcraft. In Asia today, many marriages are still arranged by matchmakers who check for the astrological patterns of compatibility in a prospective couple.
For example, an earthy, plodding earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) is probably not a good match for an idealistic, energetic fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). We in the west may laugh, but our marriages rarely last seven years. Besides reminding you that astrology is more established than most religions, please dismiss any popular trash you may have read about the topic, especially in horoscope columns. This chapter is no friend of the fortune-telling street astrologer. Biblical astrology stresses not one’s future, but one’s present and past. It helps us make our own future through self-awareness -- like decades of psychotherapy.
Turning to our merging of the biblical sons/tribes and the astrological sun signs, Firstborn Reuben is specifically called an Aries (March 22 – April 20) in classical biblical commentary. While Aries, first of the zodiac, is a ram, the Hebrew symbol is a lamb (same animal). The lamb better denotes a springtime, newborn creature, befitting the naive, impetuous, me-first attitude of this personality profile. Early April is birthing time for lambs, and the season of Passover and the paschal lamb. This is the primary biblical "first of months," rather than the harvest-related Jewish New Year in the fall or the Christian New Year based on the late December solstice. Alternative symbols for Reuben include a sprig or blossom, also denoting spring exodus and firsts and fresh starts. Reuben’s brash head-first clash with his father’s sexual preferences, after the death of his mother’s rival Rachel, cost him the benefits of the firstborn (Genesis 49:2-4). The Reuben/Aries person is a natural leader and pioneer, like Charlie Chaplin, but can be too impatient, “unstable” (Genesis) and competitive for some leadership positions. The planet ruling Aries/Reuben is the blunt and aggressive Mars, making Scorpio/Benjamin its only non-Fire (Aries-Leo-Sagittarius) and Air (Gemini-Libra-Aquarius) friend.
The bull of Taurus (April 21 – May 21) and the son-tribe of Simon (or Simeon) is second in both the zodiac and the biblical birth order. The dual sequence ends here, however. This constellation in the zodiac belt is dominated by two upright forms, seen by the Greco-Romans as the horns of a bull, but by the Hebrews as the ramparts of a castle’s tower. Simon/Taurus is a thick-boned earth sign. Both symbols indicate thickness and strength, a stubborn, reliable, earthy, material and sensual personality. Like a bull, the Simon personality is patient, even plodding, but can be provoked to be explosively dangerous. In Genesis 34, Simon killed the rapist of his sister and all his male followers. (He was helped by brother Levi, but we’ll see how his motives were purer.) Simon’s fierce wrath is referred to, as well as an ox (bull or Taurus), in the tribal blessings-prophecies of Genesis 49:5. The Prince of Simon was killed while copulating with a Midianite princess. The sensuousness of Taurus/Simon, under the planetary influence of Venus (shared with friend Libra) makes this mid-spring time between Passover and Pentecost (shevuot/Feast of Weeks) a traditional time of checking one’s sensuous behavior. The modern State of Israel is a Taurus/Simon native, and no stranger to intransigence/perseverance, love of materialism and sensuousness and even this earth sign’s green thumb. Well-known individuals with some of these stiff-necked or golden throated attributes include Golda Meir and Barbara Streissand.
By late spring (May22 – June22) the constellation of Gemini crosses the zodiacal belt. It is now seven sevens (weeks) from Passover and time to celebrate the reason for a physical exodus – Pentecost. This is the season of Revelation, when the superhuman, extraterrestrial Creator brought mankind a shorthand set of lesson plans called the Ten Commandments. These directions for living were presented at a teacher’s assembly, with
the twelve tribes of this tiny teacher nation present, but, with the help of Christianity, Islam and more, these revealed ethics traveled from a tiny crossroad’s people to the twelve tribes (as seen here) of the entire human race. Communication is the theme of this son/sun sign. The Greco-Romans saw four legs as those of a pair of twins, while the Hebrews saw the four legs of a hind or gazelle. Like Mercury (see FTD) or the Flash, Naftali in legend had super speed to convey information. King David is the most prominent writer and Gemini of the bible, while the shuttle-diplomacy of Henry Kissinger is a modern example of Gemini/Naftali eloquence and flirty charm. Western astrology too often stresses the negative, such as the Gemini’s (twin’s) two-facedness, instead of also seeing the positive side to a trait. David’s ability to act insane saved his life when hiding with the Philistines. A twin has a great capacity and need for friendship, and David’s friendship to crown prince Jonathan (who should have been his rival) is legendary. Like the other air signs (Libra and Aquarius), Naftali/Gemini knows how to work a room or hog a phone. It’s planet (shared with Virgo) is the communicative Mercury.
The constellation of Cancer, Latin for crab, crawls in to the zodiacal belt from June 23 – July 23. The same connect-the-dots game that can resemble a crab, looks like the boxy tent depicted on the flag or graphic of the tribe of Gad. Once again, the different symbols are more alike than they seem, as the crab carries its home (or tent) on its back. Domesticity is the key word of this sign. The tribe of Gad did not take its tribal land east of the Jordan with Rueben’s haste to settle first, but rather in its earnest desire to establish a home. The very name Gad, meaning troop or group, signifies Cancer’s concern for community (much more personal than the societal, humanitarian mindset of the Aquarius.)
Cancer/Gad is the nurturing mother of the signs, as Leo/Judah is the magnanimous father. This is because, as in Joseph’s dream where the son and moon represent his parents (Genesis 37:9-10), the moon “rules” Cancer and the sun Leo. Both sun signs do not share these celestial spheres with a sibling, as the sun and moon are too close to earth, too significant to be anything but parents. Gad/Cancer is a water sign, like Scorpio and Pisces, and so this person tends to be more emotional and spiritual. While the moon adds imagination, memory and history play an important part of the Cancer’s interior life. The typical Leo, ruled by the sun, is a natural leader and director. But the Cancer/Gad native is the moon sign, only reflective of solar power, and so this person prefers to use more subtle manipulation. Both the waxing quality of the alternatively waning moon (a major biblical symbol of the ever-disappearing Jewish people) and secretiveness are featured in the blessing for Gad in Deuteronomy 33:20-21. Cancer/Gad natives tend to have a round “moon face” and a pronounced chest, another attribute, like being maternal or nurturing, that applies to men as well.
The moon and sun signs of Gad/Cancer and Leo/Judah are also played off against each other in the calendar. These orbs are the most visible manifestations of the Creator’s light, energy and sacred time, and these two months host the significant events for the Temple of Jerusalem, the Lord’s unique biblical manifestation of sacred space. In Cancer/Gad time there is a fast day commemorating the beginning of the end of the Temple. The fiery destruction of Temples I and II by the Assyrians then Romans, the Spanish expulsion of 1492, and the start of World War I (the precursor of World war II) all took place on the same day in Leo/Judah, first marked in the bible with the sin of the tribal leaders who lacked faith in their mission to the promised Land. On the positive side, however, the same period of July 24 – August 23 is associated with the king messiah who will restore the Lord’s theocratic state and temple.
As the month of the messianic king (Genesis 49:10), the symbolic qualities of the king of beasts is as obvious for the Greco-Roman Leo as it is for the identical Lion of Judah. The biblical Judah gets the lion’s share of tribal land, and is the ancestor of Judea’s kings and many Jewish leaders in the diaspora. Judah supplants his brother Reuben’s firstborn leadership role with superior behavior in the Joseph saga. (Merit over birth is a common biblical theme.) Unlike just a “follow me” Aries, the Leo/Judah leader is more organized and wears responsibility as naturally as an aura of self-confidant majesty. In Genesis 44:18-34 Judah offers himself to the Egyptian viceroy in place of his youngest brother. It becomes clear that he is the one in charge. In Genesis 38:25 (where Hawthorne, the historically-minded Cancer, got the climax of The Scarlet Letter) the judge Judah has the lionhearted courage to admit that the adulterous woman he was trying was impregnated by himself. No sun or son-sign is positive by itself, so the Judah/Leo native with astrological (nature) or psychological (nurture) affliction can be more pompous than regally charismatic.
The gift of organization shifts from Leo/Judah to Virgo/Joseph (August 24 – September 23), as from the CEO to the comptroller. Biblical Joseph is not the controller of men, but of things. Astrologically, one would say this is an earth sign (materialistic, practical, handy), not a fire sign (philosophical, idealistic, enthusiastic). Joseph is made the head of Potiphar’s household, the royal prison, and eventually the whole Egyptian empire. Archaeologists have recently uncovered Joseph’s Lake west of the Nile, a huge man-made reservoir that Joseph engineered. It allowed Egypt to be so fertile that it was the crucial breadbasket region for the Romans in Cleopatra’s time. Of course, Joseph’s ability to store wheat during the seven lean years of famine (Genesis 41)allowed the empire to survive. Unfortunately, this numbers-crunching Virgo was no magnamious Leo, so Egypt indentured its citizens and caused the later enslavement of his people. All the wheat in Joseph’s story explains the wheat of his tribal symbol. When using the Greco-Roman symbol of the virgin in Jewish zodiacs, she invariably is holding some wheat. The symbol of the virgin is most appropriate for Joseph, who resisted seduction from Potiphar’s wife (Genesis 7 –13). Joseph/Virgo natives are not sexless CPAs; they are simply a wholesome, athletic, communicative (sharing Mercury with friend Gemini), wide-jawed group who prefer love to sleaze. Virgo/Joseph time of year signals not only a fall harvest, but an accounting of the year’s behavioral debits and credits. This is the chief occupation of the month leading up to the interior New Year called Rosh HaShana. Legend has Joseph born on Rosh HaShana, making him such a good, prototypical Virgo.
Ten days later we have the Day of Judgement (Yom Kippur) in the next sign.
Dan in Hebrew means judgement, and is the source of judgement words like dean, deem and doom. Along with the lion of Judah and Leo, the graphic link between the scales of Libra and the identical symbol of Dan is striking. Yes, the Libra/Dan native is a good judge and diplomat who considers opposing takes on an issue, but they must not allow that air sign charm (shared by Gemini and Aquarius) to lapse to indecisiveness. The love of airy vistas and natural sense of balance makes this sign a potentially good skier. With Libra ruled by Venus (like Simon), we have the artistry of biblical Bezalel and the frivolity of Groucho Marx. This sign is innately Romantic, for good or bad. On the down side, the sensuality shared with Simon led to the Danite judge Samson’s downfall with Delilah, and the entire tribe of Dan fell prey to Philistine idolatry (which was so sexy it made MTV look like The 700 Club).
In the next zodiacal month (October 24 – November 22) there are no biblical or later holidays. This Hebrew month is therefore called “bitter,” reminiscent of the sour grapes of this competitive (like Aries ruled by Mars) but potentially jealous sun/son sign. In the graphic symbol seen in both the Scorpio constellation and the tribe of Benjamin, there is a large tail curving inward. Which creature had the tail. The Greco-Romans saw a scorpion, and the Hebrews a wolf (Genesis 49: 27 ). As opposed to the aggressive metaphor in Jacob’s blessings, the tribal proclamations of Moses in Deuteronomy 33:12 infer an intimacy with God. Benjamin’s small portion of land included the Holy Temple. This martial water sign (innately spiritual, like Cancer and Pisces) leads in naval officers, and the tribe of Benjamin fought a bloody civil war against all the other tribes over a violent, vengeful and sexual incident. No biblical figure signifies the violent, consuming and defensive (or paranoiac) nature of the troubled Scorpio than King Saul the Benjamite (who hunted David and nearly killed Jonathan). No sign is innately good or bad, although Benjamin/Scorpio energy tends to battle the negative rather than champion the positive. The corruption-fighting Attorney General behind the White House better fit the strong-chinned Scorpio Robert Kennedy. Sure they had a similar gene pool and upbringing, but smooth-faced and smooth-talking Gemini JFK was the charming politician.
A much more benevolent energy envelopes Sagittarius (November 23- December 22). This Jupiter-ruled (like Pisces) fire sign (like Aries and Leo) is a starry constellation perceived as a mythological centaur shooting arrows by the Greco-Romans. The full-fruited tree of Asher reflects a similar optimistic branching out toward many objectives. The half-horse of Sagittarius is only a useful symbol to remember how much this sign loves animals and horse racing (gambling being the temptation of the optimistic).
The tendency towards expansion of this fire sign is best expressed in the Chanukah candles, which goes up from one to eight lights during this festival of renewal, which non-coincidentally marks the time when the days begin to get longer. The tribe of Asher is blessed with wealth, beautiful daughters and oil (another enlightening symbol of the holiday of Chanukah). Its gemstone, cryolite , also reflects the white-brightness and mineral wealth of the tribe. Even if an enthusiastic, philosophical writer of this son/sun sign wants to criticize societal ills, pleasant comedy and satire (like Mark Twain) are more this tribe’s style.
The next personality is far less sunny and much more pessimistic and businesslike. When this person displays humor, it tends to be understated, deadpan irony. The Capricorn (December 23- January 19) is once again a peculiar Greco-Roman mythological beast, not about to be shared by any other culture. The constellation’s creature is basically a goat, however, and the donkey of Issachar is an equivalent sure-footed climbing animal. Work-ethic, or lack of ethics from taking work to seriously (in Richard Nixon’s case) is what this ever-aspiring tribe is all about, with it’s blessings about shouldering the burden and toiling with its strong bones (Genesis 49:14 – 15). Typically, while strong bones (and solid teeth) are a blessing of this Saturn-ruled earth sign (like the handy, practical Taurus and Virgo), stress affects a high proportion of this sign with skeletal ailments like arthritis. The Capricorn/Issachar mind is always thinking steps ahead, great for chess players or a famous aspiring (climbing) and persevering person like Mohammed Ali. This ambition and hard work is not limited to the public arena, biblical tradition designates Issachar as a tribe of scholars whose acedemic labors are supported by the seafaring-trading tribe of Zebulon-Pisces (in secular circles famous for being patrons of the arts).
The other Saturnine (less jolly but more prosperous) son/sun sign is Aquarius/Levi. In any survey of the Hall of Fame, a disproportionate number of inventors (including Edison) and other talented celebrities are born from January 20 –February 19). Biblically, Levi is such a stand-out, that it has no tribal territory, but a Levitic city near every tribe. Levites are not to work the land, but to be the educators and clergy for the rest, and to live off tithes and other offerings. Similarly, Levi doesn’t appear in the orders of tribal marching or encampment, since they have a unique position in the Tabernacle and Temple. (To get twelve tribes for territories, one counts Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Mennashe). Levi provided precision chorus singers and dedicated teachers, but the tribe is also biblically famous for a less flattering Aquarius quality – emotional aloofness. Levi could slay the Shechemites (Genesis 34) and the Israelites who sinned with the golden calf Exodus (32:26-28) because their righteous indignation is emotionally cold, and they can even kill their “close friend or relative” for the good of society. (Yes, they make great Communists.) Moses’ tribal blessing in Deuteronomy 33: 9-10 reiterates this ability to overcome emotional ties and the Levi role of teachers. Aquarius/Levi natives, unlike the other air signs, Gemini and Libra, do not get lonely without many friends, yet they have the same superior communication skills. The Greco-Roman graphic of the water bearer is perfect for Levi, but one has to be familiar with the biblical metaphor of bible teaching as water. In ancient synagogue mosaics of the zodiac, Aquarius or Levi is seen in its biblical role of giving water to all the other tribes. The inner water of spring revives here in the dead of winter, as the sap of trees start running, celebrated in this month’s New Year for Trees.
The last constellation in the zodiac, Pisces (February 20 – March 21), is famous for the opposite trait of Aquarius – empathy, especially for the weak or underdog. This water sign (more so than Cancer or Scorpio) is likely to use its emotionality in rebelliousness. The only aquatic or oceanic symbol of the zodiac, the fish, matches the sailing ship of the maritime tribe of Zebulon. Even if engaged in commerce, Zebulon is engaged in supporting scholarship (Issachar) or the arts. Pisces’ two inverted fish symbol, the creature which swallows then gets swallowed itself, is central to the theme of this month’s holiday. The Purim story is all about turn-around, as the swallowed Jews of Persia get to swallow Haman and his racist thugs. This is the sign of intuitive geniuses like Einstein. The most famous biblical Zebulon/Pisces native is a world-class medium named Moses. Like an empathetic Pisces, he bursts on the scene enraged at an Egyptian taskmaster beating a slave and then at the mistreatment of Midianite shepherdesses. He also gains credentials as the world’s most successful rebel with his compassion for a strayed lamb. When biblical commentators discuss why Hebrew slave boys were drowned near Moses’ birth, they say this water sign was destined to have his downfall with water. The Egyptian astrologers had predicted a redeemer would be born, and therefore tried to defeat him. While Moses did fail at the waters of Meribha (Numbers 20), this fish/ship native sailed over the Nile in an ark and later split the Sea of Reeds.
If the zodiac began with the head of Aries/Reuben, it ends with the feet of Pisces/Zebulon. People born at this time often have hard-to-fit feet or feet problems and/or the magic feet of Pisceans like Nureyev. For more medical data, facial sketches, compatibility charts, etc. consult the better books suggested below. This chapter is limited to the biblical aspects of the zodiac, so much reading is recommended to grasp the complexities of the discipline, where no two Leos, for example, are alike.
The zodiac reveals that the birth of the Jewish nation, at Exodus time, is deemed more or a universal date of renewal than even the New Year or Rosh HaShana in the fall, when Adam and Eve, the first Cro-Magnons who communicated with the Creator, were born 5,760 years ago. Similarly, the entire juxtaposition of son-signs and sun-signs, is to make every human a “chosen” member of a singular global tribe. All of history is there to learn from, but biblical history much more so. Sure, Israelite, Jewish and Israeli history did happen and, somehow, continues to happen. But essentially, the Children of Israel are a metaphor, so we can all learn how to be better people and nations, learning from the biblical records of their successes and (mostly) failures. Part of making these Children of Israel a universal metaphor is having all of us, no matter what day of the year we were born (or conceived), a member of a particular tribe/sign.
Only in the last few decades have books come out which scientifically and statistically validate astrological claims of personality, health and even patterns of facial features. A Haitian and a Swede born on the same day and year will resemble each other in remarkable ways, more so than the Haitian does her older sister. These two human beings with different upbringings and genes should both wear pastels, enjoy athletics, have March-born friends, and have an affinity for numbers and hygiene -- all because they are Virgos or members of the tribe of Joseph. Research the validity of this discipline by charting family, friends, or matching careers from a Who’s Who directory. Compatibility patterns alone should prove statistically impressive. Exceptions are often due to early or late births, reinforcing the bible’s own stress on the circumstances of conception, rather than the time of birth. However astrological phenomena works, it has made us all different. With this discipline, our creator has made us complex and multifaceted –even those from the same culture and family. We know understand how God could tell Jeremiah that He knew him in the womb. Will we ever discover a meter for the forces involved? This will likely remain an unsolved (now biblical) mystery. But we can appreciate and be tolerant of differences all the more, whether we want to sell gardening tools to earth signs, match up a fire sign with an appropriately energetic roommate or job, understand why an air sign friend is giving us the silent treatment or why a water sign child is overly emotional. Religiously, it is important that we all have a tribe we belong to, and we can begin to understand the diverse positive aspects of our Creator by contemplating all the excellencies of all twelve themes.

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Isaac Mozeson,